Summer Jam Suggestions

By: Meghan Malas

As summer inches closer and closer, the mindsets of the student body morphs from a (somewhat) motivated, organized demeanor to one of longing. Students pine for freedom from this 7:40 to 2:40 chasm of responsibility, and with this the infamous question manifests itself among the youth- what are you doing this summer?

If you are like me, you are probably at a loss, and a little overwhelmed when asked to articulate what your priorities and/or plans are for this break. As clueless as I am about my own intentions are for my post-school life, I do have a pretty good idea of what I will be listening to when I do whatever I do. Music defines the summertime. It can make or break how enchanting your bonfire is, or how delightful your drive to the local Walmart could be. With this in mind, and as a self-certified Person With Great Taste In Summer Jams™, I present my list of top boppin’ albums for this break:

Mac Demarco- This Old Dog

Tame Impala- Currents, Lonerism

Childish Gambino- Kauai

Triathlon- Lo-Tide

A Tribe Called Quest- The Low-End Theory

Grouplove- Spreading Rumors

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication

Passion Pit- Kindred

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly

Beach Fossils- Clash the Truth

DPYO Ends 79th Season With A Bang

By Rachel Giffin

The Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra ended its 79th season on May 7, 2017, with the last exciting notes of Arturo Marquez’ “Danzon.” It also featured other well known pieces such as “On The Beautiful Blue Danube” by Strauss and “Night on Bald Mountain” by Mussorgsky.

DPYO is open to elite musicians who are high school students in the Dayton area. These students attend vigorous rehearsals every Sunday and participate in a campout event every year. Katie Giffin, a junior from Bellbrook High School, reflects in her last two years as a part of this orchestra. “In DPYO,” she says, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by incredibly talented musicians every week, learning beautiful music. Being part of an ensemble like that is an honor.”

Similarly, Maris Haugrud, a senior from Bellbrook High School, said: “DPYO was, for me, the place where I actually felt, for one of the only moments of my life, like my one and only duty was the music. Outside of that and in the rest of my life, I have millions and obligations and weighing thoughts constantly shoving their way to the front of my mind and worrying me to get them done. But in DPYO I was hyper focused on one task, and I put all of my mind and soul into it. It as tremendously rewarding, and filled me with a joy and purpose that was incomparable to any other.”

Haugrud went on to say, “My life was absolutely and completely changed by DPYO. Being a part of it for three years, I learned almost all of what I know about classical music and certain composers now. It continuously renewed my passion for music and solidified my goals for continuing to study it in college. Having been fortunate enough, but also absolutely terrified to have been thrust into principal chair my first year as a weakling sophomore, I was nearly traumatized, but forced to rise to the occasion. I grew lightyears as a player and also as a person. I was forced to have more confidence in myself for the sake of the music, and I can say with certainty that the confidence translated into the rest of my life and my general self-perception. My sections over the years, particularly in 2014 (my first year) when I was most vulnerable, helped me along this journey significantly. They supported me, motivated me, and were just amazing people that I am proud to say were some of my closest friends as I progressed through high school.”

DPYO holds auditions soon for its 80th season, which is certain to be full of exciting music and entertaining for audiences of all ages. Congratulations to all the performers of the 79th season, and good luck in the performances to come.

BHS Music Department Celebrates Its Final Concert of the Season

by Rachel Giffin

Bellbrook High School bands finished their final concert of the 2017 season with the flourish and grandeur of David Holsinger’s “American Faces,” a piece inspired by the national unity and ingenuity symbolized by Mount Rushmore. The concert highlighted the 2017 senior class and outstanding members of the ensemble with awards given throughout the concert.

Performing at the concert was the BHS Percussion Ensemble, a jazz quartet, both the concert choir and mentor choir, the jazz band, the symphony band and the wind ensemble.

The final performance was, for many students and parents, bittersweet, as it marked the end of a period in those students’ lives in which music was everything. But it was a spectacular way to end the night and, for many of the students, their career as a musician at Bellbrook High School.

Miamisburg Theater Presents A Tale As Old As Time

by Bergen Eppers

Bellbrook senior Emi Ford (Belle) and David Shockey (Beast) rehearse a touching moment in Beauty and the Beast.

Children’s Performing Arts of Miamisburg is taking its own turn on the tale as old as time. On May 13, this children’s theater will be having their last performance of the 1994 Tony Award winning musical Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at the Memorial Auditorium.

Based on the 1991 Academy Award winning movie, “Beauty and the Beast” still adds humor, romance, and action into a classic fairy-tale. The show tells the story of a cursed prince, turned into a hideous beast, who finally has hope of being human when Belle, a beautiful girl from a small village, wanders into his enchanted castle. As Belle and the Beast grow closer, hope of a change arises and excitement spreads, including among the Beast’s servant-turned-objects. But, conflict arrives with the self-centered Gaston, determined to have Belle as his wife, convinces the town her host is an evil creature. Don’t judge a book by its cover, Gaston. Both suspenseful and sentimental, this musical is great for the family with the classic songs “Be Our Guest,” “Home,” “Something There,” and of course, “Beauty and the Beast.”

According to, David Shockey, who plays the role of Beast says, “I believe most people find ‘Beauty and the Beast’ appealing because the story revolves around breaking social norms. It’s all about staying true to who you are even when society tells you to be someone else.”  Emi Ford, a Bellbrook senior who plays the role of Belle, says, “I’ve always admired [Belle] …I love how she’s actually intelligent unlike princesses who kind of are a little clueless.”

This is Ford’s first production with CPAM. “I honestly did not think I was going to get cast when I went into auditions…It was my first show there…but what’s the worst that can happen right?” says Ford, “When they posted the list, I was speechless, I was beyond excited…I was literally jumping off the walls.” After weeks of rehearsing, plus with her commitment to the school musical, “Annie,” it has finally come down to the performance days. “[The cast] spends a significant amount of time on character building for each character to build the depth of the production,” explains Ford, “Memorizing lines and blocking, that’s all important, but the background behind the words, the emotions, and the expressions, that’s what draws the audience to the production.”

“Beauty and the Beast” is perfect for the whole family and friends.

BHS Jazz Band Performs at Sugar Maple Festival

By Rachel Giffin

The Bellbrook High School Jazz Band performed several spectacular numbers on Saturday, April 22, at Bellbrock Park for listeners attending the Sugar Maple Festival in Bellbrook.

The BHS Jazz Band’s program featured many soloists, and songs from a wide variety of jazz forms. As the performance continued, spectators gathered in higher numbers, some dancing to the lively music.

The BHS Jazz Band has performed at many locations in the past, from A Spirited Affair at Bellbrook Middle School which is held every October, to the Jazz Festival held at Beavercreek High School every March. They have one more public performance this season, coming later in May.

Khalid: An American Teen

by Kasen Stephensen

Last June, Khalid Robinson walked across the stage to graduate from Americas High School in El Paso, Texas. This year, the nineteen year old is an up-and-coming artist with his hit single “Location” peaking at spot 39 on the Billboard Top 100.

Khalid burst onto the music scene after Kylie Jenner featured his song “Location” in one of her snaps.  Rather than sing about riches or love, his music synthesizes old-school organ and piano with contemporary courtship. Many of his songs revolve around the cell phones and mention sent locations, snarky subtweets, and old numbers.  He has been featured on songs with the musicians Kendrick Lamar and Alina Baraz.  

2014 Bonnaroo Music Festival Releases Lineup 

by Shelby PowersBonnaroo

February 19, the long-awaited lineup of the Tennessee music festival Bonnaroo was released during a thirty minute “BLAM” (Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Mega-Jam), hosted by comedian Hannibal Burress and Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam. The BLAM also featured a super-jam cover performance of Usher’s “Love in This Club” by the Flaming Lips, Ben Folds, and Foxygen.

This year’s festival boasts a diverse group of headliners, including Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, the Avett Brothers, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, The Arctic Monkeys, and Skrillex. Despite Elton John’s 30+ year career as a recording artist, this will be the 66 year old’s first ever appearance at a United States music festival. Rapper Kanye West is a controversial choice, considering the fact that his 2008 appearance at the festival was famously late; he took the stage seven hours after his scheduled time and put on a lackluster show.

Fans of all genres will find something to enjoy at Bonnaroo, with over 150 performers, 10 stages, and a comedy tent.  Indie rock fans will enjoy Neutral Milk Hotel, Cage the Elephant, MS MR, Grouplove, and The Naked and Famous. Those who prefer rap should make an effort to see Danny Brown, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Ferg, Chance the Rapper, Ice Cube and Pusha T. If you are interested in being a part of an energetic and dancing crowd, see EDM artists such as Robert Delong, Kaskade, and Zedd. Or if perhaps you find yourself on the opposite end of the musical spectrum, and prefer an acoustic guitar to a DJ booth, don’t miss Amos Lee, The Head and The Heart, City and Colour, and Vance Joy. Soul and R&B fans will appreciate Janelle Monae, Bobby Womack, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean. Actor and banjo aficionado Ed Helms and dubstep deity Skrillex will both be hosting their own Superjams, which are special performances featuring unique groupings of artists. No matter what your taste, a music festival such as Bonnaroo is a prime location to discover up-and-coming acts.

If being surrounded by your fellow music lovers, camping out, and neglecting your usual hygiene practices sounds like an awesome time to you, the festival is June 1215 on “The Farm” in Manchester, Tennessee. Tickets are a hefty $284.50 plus some additional charges for accommodations, but for the thousands of attendees every year, the three unforgettable days of music, culture, and good vibes are 100% worth it.

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