Road Trip Tips

by Kasen Stephensen The Great American road trip in all of its beauty and appeal is still very intimidating.  Here are 5 tips to help turn a wishful daydream into an awesome vacation.  Check your vehicle. Roughly a week prior to starting a trip, make sure that the vehicle being used has a thorough check-up.  Tires should be rotated and fluid levels checked.  Make sure … Continue reading Road Trip Tips

A Gross Mistake: Columnist Regrets His Track Commentary

by Kasen Stephensen Pennsylvania columnist Mike Gross was met with backlash from the Track and Field community after writing a condescending article emphasizing the relative ease of track. At the beginning of the controversial article, he glorifies American football as the “most intense, high-pressure American sport,” while track and field “is every bit as intense and high-pressure as frisbee golf.” Gross continues and complains that … Continue reading A Gross Mistake: Columnist Regrets His Track Commentary

Chessboxing: A Battle of Mind and Fist

by Kasen Stephensen For the next 6 months, athletes from all over the world will prepare for the Chessboxing 2017 World Championship.  Yes, that is correct: chessboxing.  It is as entertaining as it is difficult. Described as an “Intellectual Fight Club,” competitors battle in alternating 3 minute rounds of chess and boxing until a checkmate or knockout is achieved.  After a boxing round, players immediately … Continue reading Chessboxing: A Battle of Mind and Fist

Boston Marathon Record Smashed!

by Kasen Stephensen A marathon is 26.2 miles and takes a novice runner around 5 hours to complete.  In her first ever marathon, Jordan Hasay took 2 hours and 23 minutes and destroyed the U.S. American debut record by three minutes. Hasay exhibited greatness even before high school, setting the USATF Junior Olympics Youth record in the 1500 meter run at the age of 13. … Continue reading Boston Marathon Record Smashed!

Khalid: An American Teen

by Kasen Stephensen Last June, Khalid Robinson walked across the stage to graduate from Americas High School in El Paso, Texas. This year, the nineteen year old is an up-and-coming artist with his hit single “Location” peaking at spot 39 on the Billboard Top 100. Khalid burst onto the music scene after Kylie Jenner featured his song “Location” in one of her snaps.  Rather than … Continue reading Khalid: An American Teen

The future of Netflix is looking “Bright!”

by Kasen Stephensen The new Netflix trailer begins looking like a gritty police movie, but wait — is that an orc wearing a hoodie and wielding a shotgun?! Starring Will Smith, Bright takes place in an alternate timeline in which orcs, faeries, and other mythical creatures coexist with humans.  Two LAPD officers, one human and one orc, struggle together to protect a faerie and a … Continue reading The future of Netflix is looking “Bright!”

(A)typical High School: Riverdale Reboots the Archie Universe

by Kasen Stephensen CW’s reboot of the classic Archie universe is both entrancing and peculiar, much like high school gossip.   Archie Comics was established 78 years ago and its universe has been represented in numerous cartoons, video games, and movies.  Its archetypal characters have been manipulated throughout the years to reflect the social norms and customs of the era.  Consequently, this adaptation provides an … Continue reading (A)typical High School: Riverdale Reboots the Archie Universe

Lion: A Movie about Family, Not Lions

by Kasen Stephensen Amidst the excitement for the Oscars, the lesser-known Lion delivers an incredible and awe-inspiring story that has little to do with lions and more to do with family. In rural India, five-year-old Saroo is lost at a train station and travels over 160,000 km to Kolkata and survives for two months on his own before being adopted by Australian foster parents. Twenty-five … Continue reading Lion: A Movie about Family, Not Lions

Zika and Olympics

By: Kasen Stephensen The dreaded Zika virus has spread across South America and Olympic teams are concerned for their own safety in the Rio 2016 Olympics. The World Health Organization released a statement on May 12 attempting to calm any fears about the Olympics and Zika.  The WHO included several suggestions to prevent the spread of Zika to others by encouraging the use of insect … Continue reading Zika and Olympics

Leicester Wins Premier League

By: Kasen Stephensen Leicester City (pronounced Less-turr), despite being given 5000-1 odds of winning, won the Premier League title for the first time on Monday, May 5. The odds were so low, bookkeepers thought that it would be more likely to find Elvis Presley alive, the Loch Ness monster, or Kim Kardashian running for president in 2020. Despite these odds, Leicester City won despite drawing against Manchester … Continue reading Leicester Wins Premier League