Leicester Wins Premier League

By: Kasen Stephensen

Leicester City (pronounced Less-turr), despite being given 5000-1 odds of winning, won the Premier League title for the first time on Monday, May 5.

The odds were so low, bookkeepers thought that it would be more likely to find Elvis Presley alive, the Loch Ness monster, or Kim Kardashian running for president in 2020. Despite these odds, Leicester City won despite drawing against Manchester City 1-1.

The Premier League uses a points system, with teams receiving three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss.  The teams are then ranked according to their team scores, then by goal difference–total amount of goals scored minus total amount of goals conceded–then by total goals scored.

With Leicester, their closest competitor was Tottenham.  In order for Tottenham to win, they had to win their last three games and Leicester could receive no more than 1 point in Leicester’s remaining three games. Tottenham tied against Chelsea 2-2, securing the win for Leicester.

The international community has collectively supported the hard work and well-earned victory from the lesser known city.  According to BBC News, “The true global appeal of football, and perhaps of the underdog story, was shown in the fact that cities including Sydney, Mumbai, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro were among those taking the keenest interest online in Leicester’s success.”


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