From One Galaxy to Another: Happy Star Wars Day

By Sarah Rovinsky

Since 2011, film fans have sparked an unofficial holiday known as Star Wars Day on May 4 with all things dedicated to the blockbuster sci-fi franchise.  “May the Fourth Be With You,” a play on the films’ catchphrase “May the force be with you,” has become an annual occasion for enthusiasts to celebrate the saga in a number of ways that just might inspire you to have some fun with it as well.

  • Have a Star Wars movie marathon! Invite friends and family to join the nerd party, but first decide whether to start with the prequels or original trilogy.
  • Use the force. Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all, unfortunately, been just-out-of-reach of a needed object. There’s no harm in trying.
  • Dress for the occasion, whether it’s throwing on a supportive t-shirt or an all-out Chewbacca costume.  Don’t be afraid of getting carried away, have fun with it. (It’s acceptable to include pets, if not encouraged!)
  • Experiment with appropriately themed food. Having trouble coming up with ideas as to how or what? Pinterest and are your friends! A number of fun simple recipes for clone cakes and more await you.
  • Check out what your fellow fans are up to. Many have taken to social media to share pictures of “Star Wars” themed artwork, parties, food, puns and memes. To anyone looking for a laugh, I recommend following #StarWarsDay on Twitter.
  • As Yoda wisely said, “Pass on what you have learned.” Wish someone “May the Fourth Be With You,” or introduce the series to anyone you can. They will probably thank you.

While every May 4 is a special one, the recent release and success of The Force Awakens has manifested a growing anticipation for the upcoming Episode VIII and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which promises to make this year’s day particularly exciting.


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