What to Expect From Senior Week 2017

by Sarah Rovinsky Senior week begins Monday, May 15 and continues through Friday, May 19. Mr. Baker has officially released the spirit week themes via Twitter. Monday- Career Day Tuesday- 90’s Day Wednesday- College T-Shirt Day Thursday- Paint Fight Clothes Friday- Hawaiian   Continue reading What to Expect From Senior Week 2017

Junior Class Presents “One Last Dance”

by Sarah Rovinsky Prom was held on May 6 and was officially called “One Last Dance.” Prom is the last dance of the school year and for a lot of our seniors it will be their last high school dance. The result channeled a “shabby chic vibe” with the decorations. Junior Secretary Meghan Malas explained, “We wanted to officially name it something that would capture … Continue reading Junior Class Presents “One Last Dance”

BHS Seniors Take on D.C.

By Harris Norton and Sarah Rovinsky This year’s AP Government class participated in the Center for Civic Education’s program “We The People.” After an unexpected win at the state level competition, Bellbrook’s participating members were given the opportunity to compete nationally in Washington D.C.  Senior Harris Norton vlogged most of the trip for the benefit of the entire team and any viewers curious of what … Continue reading BHS Seniors Take on D.C.

BHS Presents “Annie”

By Sarah Rovinsky Beginning in February, BHS theater students have been rehearsing their latest production Annie. The musical is about a little orphan who is searching for her mother and father, but ends up falling into the life of billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Sophomore Emily Taylor plays Annie and even dyed her hair red for the role. At first, it was difficult for directors Marie Jergens and … Continue reading BHS Presents “Annie”

Countdown Commences: Last Events of the Year

By Sarah Rovinsky As of March 16, only 77 days of school are preventing students from the carefree happiness that is summer. That’s 48 days of school (even less if you’re a senior) left to survive! One final push until the school year of 2016-17 is at its end. As the year comes to a close, here are some upcoming dates to look forward to (or … Continue reading Countdown Commences: Last Events of the Year

Seniors Showcased at BHS Art Show

By Sarah Rovinsky Bellbrook High School hosted its annual art show on Saturday, March 4. Live music, art, and food were all enjoyed from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  All students, freshmen to seniors, are represented in the art show. However, only seniors have the opportunity to display all of their accumulated work in a window exhibit. Mrs. Hensley explained that we have an art … Continue reading Seniors Showcased at BHS Art Show

A Rational Highschooler’s Approach to February 14th

By Sarah Rovinsky Too many people know Valentine’s Day to be a commercial maneuver to sell chocolate and jewelry in which we are forced to participate in, otherwise, we become the Grinch of February 14. Should we be lucky enough to have a special someone to share this day with, and choose to ignore it, you’re just a thoughtless meanie. The issue then becomes what … Continue reading A Rational Highschooler’s Approach to February 14th

Why You Should go to Winter Formal

By Sarah Rovinsky School dances are more than expensive, they’re a pain! Girls, not only must you find the “perfect” dress to fit into, but you also have to find the perfect shoes to go with them, and appropriately matched makeup and nails. Oh, and don’t forget, your hair has to magically make its way out of last night’s messy bun into something gorgeous. Guys, … Continue reading Why You Should go to Winter Formal

PSA: Procrastination is Inevitable

By Bergen Eppers and Sarah Rovinsky The dreaded exam week is approaching closer and closer. The procrastination is almost inevitable. (I can already feel it). Everyone procrastinates, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. It is, if you will, an art, varying in degree and style. If you’re going to do it (be honest: you probably are), why not do it to your best … Continue reading PSA: Procrastination is Inevitable