Junior Class Presents “One Last Dance”

by Sarah Rovinsky

Prom was held on May 6 and was officially called “One Last Dance.” Prom is the last dance of the school year and for a lot of our seniors it will be their last high school dance. The result channeled a “shabby chic vibe” with the decorations.

Junior Secretary Meghan Malas explained, “We wanted to officially name it something that would capture the feeling of prom rather than restrict our choice in decorations… We thought that by incorporating that aspect of the dance into the name would emphasize the significance of the end of our seniors time at Bellbrook High.”

A big part of the planning was to the credit of Mrs. Dyer who made all the contacts with the venue and a lot of the other companies that helped make the dance possible. The junior student council members, including President Mia Zapata, Vice President Eva Hanson, Secretary Savannah Briley and Meghan Malas, and  treasurer Keion Driscoll, all assisted in planning the decorations, gathering sponsorships, and doing whatever else was needed to host the dance.

Should next year’s seniors expect something similar to Prom 2017?

“I think that there has been an overall positive reaction to the idea of a less concrete theme. It definitely allowed us (Junior Student Council) to focus more on making the Prom aesthetically pleasing and it was easy to avoid the tacky decorations that can sometimes come with a specific theme. Also with the decorative freedom came a friendly budget. With these things considered, I do not see why next year’s juniors would not see a less restrictive theme as an option for Prom,” shared Meghan Malas.


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