DON’T FORGET: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

By: Sara Wolf

Mother’s Day is around the corner – May 14 – and Father’s Day is just behind on June 18. To make sure you’re not the kid who doesn’t do anything as a thank you, here’s a list of gift ideas for Mom or Dad. If all else fails, make sure to give them your extra time and attention on their day – it will mean more than you think.

FOR MOM: Stop by the store and pick up some flowers. Classic, but don’t overlook it!

FOR DAD: Take an afternoon or evening to go out to do something he loves.

FOR MOM OR DAD: Start the day off with breakfast in bed. If you’re not the best breakfast chef, don’t worry, Panera delivers and can help you out. Their breakfast menu is pretty great if you’ve never tried it.

FOR MOM: Make her something handmade! Pinterest is your best friend on this one, and Mom will appreciate the effort even if it isn’t perfect.

FOR DAD: Give him tickets to an event he’d enjoy, maybe a concert, baseball game, or car show.

FOR MOM OR DAD: Get them a personalized photo mug or other gift! Create your gift at for an inexpensive and easy process. Even just printing out some family photographs and framing them is sweet, thoughtful, and not too pricy.

FOR MOM: Go to stores stocked with gifts for Mother’s Day. Marshall’s has a specific section of cute, mom-appreciative gifts, and Kohls has different gift-packaged pieces of jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

FOR DAD: Give him a gift to throw him back to younger days, like a turntable, old video game, a vinyl by one of his favorite bands, or gear from the college he went to.

FOR MOM OR DAD: Give them a date night or a night out! Whether it’s with you or just the two of them, giving a gift card for their favorite restaurant or to the movies will be so appreciated.


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