Why You Should go to Winter Formal

By Sarah Rovinsky

School dances are more than expensive, they’re a pain! Girls, not only must you find the “perfect” dress to fit into, but you also have to find the perfect shoes to go with them, and appropriately matched makeup and nails. Oh, and don’t forget, your hair has to magically make its way out of last night’s messy bun into something gorgeous. Guys, since the girls are busy with whatever it is girls do, it’s up to you to spend all your money on a new tie, corsage, possible dinner AND the tickets. For all the hassle, why even go you may wonder?

Winter Formal is new, sort of. The last winter formal was 5 years ago, so it will be a new experience for all students, freshman through seniors. This also means that, for the first time in 5 years, guys don’t have to follow social norms to ask girls to the dance. One more time for the kids in the back, this Winter Formal is a Sadie Hawkins, turnabout, girls ask guys, however you want to label it event. So no pressure, dudes, the ladies can take the trouble off your hands.

Winter Formal will be different from any other school dance because the tickets are just $10 per person, which include sick beats from Mrs. Schwieterman and food! This is $5 cheaper than Homecoming and $20 less than Prom.

Getting ready for these semi formal events can be really fun. Looking good feels good, and that extra confidence goes a long way.

Ask any senior, and they will tell you that your 4 years in high school will fly by. That means you have X number of days left of Mr. Baker reminding you that you’re late for class, and the same number of days with the small town friends you grew up with; make the most of it. There are also a limited number of tacky school dances that you have the opportunity to attend and there’s no better way to spend them than in a toasty gymnasium, laughing with or at your friend’s terrible dance moves, and making memories. Yes, getting ready for a dance can be painful but so is regretting what could’ve been.


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