Winter Formal Dress?

by Bergen Eppers

Winter Formal. The school is in a frenzy, proposals everywhere, but what to wear? Added this year by the JROTC cadets, winter formal has brought one main question from the girls: long dress or short dress? Is it another homecoming or close to prom?

From recent polls on Twitter and others’ opinions, the most popular answer is short dress, save the long dress for prom. Yes, that could be a way to go, but since everyone is new to this, why not just go with what you feel like? Wear that dress that you can rock and no one can judge. They haven’t been to a winter formal before and neither have you. Local stores such as Macy’s and Elder Beerman offer multiple dresses at amazing prices. Or if you want to go all out, go for it. Just make sure you bring a warm coat; it could be a chilly night. But no matter what you wear, have fun dancing your heart out, whether it be with a date or your best friends. Make a high school memory looking fabulous while doing it. Winter Formal is February 4 in the Aux gym at 7-10pm.


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