BHS Presents “Annie”

By Sarah Rovinsky

Beginning in February, BHS theater students have been rehearsing their latest production Annie. The musical is about a little orphan who is searching for her mother and father, but ends up falling into the life of billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Sophomore Emily Taylor plays Annie and even dyed her hair red for the role.

At first, it was difficult for directors Marie Jergens and Kyle Castle to get the rights to do Annie because it’s currently on tour. Eventually, everything was able to work out and they couldn’t be more proud of the work that the students have put into the past few months of rehearsal.

The cast has been able to run every scene of the show and are now piecing it together, adding costuming and other details. Act One is completely off book and Act Two is almost there as well.

Performances are scheduled to show on April 28-30.


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