New Year, New Free Wardrobe

By Sarah Rovinsky

At this point you’re probably sick of hearing how much 2016 sucked. But the reality is, a lot went wrong for a lot of people. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to add to the list of why 2016 was a let down. In fact, retail therapy can be quite healing, and this alternative does not have to hurt your wallet. A clothing swap can provide the cheap, fresh start you’re looking for in 2017.

Step 1: Gather the Goods

Ransack your closet, open your drawers, reach under the bed, and set aside anything you wouldn’t wear out the door right this second. These are the clothes you will generously bestow upon your friends. If you’re finding it hard to say goodbye to these volcanic ensembles, think of it this way: They’re going to a better place! That sweater you had completely forgotten for two years has the potential to be traded for a cute pair of jeans, or it might become your best friend’s new favorite winter staple.

Step  2: Send Out the Invites

There’s no better place to introduce your different friend groups to one another. Everyone will be too busy scavenging piles of clothes to be bothered by “awkward” silences. Make the most of this organized chaos by bringing together a wide range of personalities and styles. Make a set of rules to follow that can be as simple as all clothes must be freshly washed.

Step No. 3: Host Etiquette

A good life lesson: Hungry guests are unhappy guests. Clothing swaps do not require a meal to rival that of Thanksgiving’s most eloquent dishes, but a simple snack or two won’t hurt. They don’t even have to be homemade if you aren’t feeling super ambitious- I won’t tell! To set the mood for an environment of serious clothes hunting and lighthearted fun, put on a good Spotify playlist, and light some scented candles.

Bonus step: Donate What’s Left

Just because you don’t want these castaways doesn’t mean that no one will. Go to your nearest donation center to help these lost treasures find a new home.


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