Carrie Fisher: A Farewell to Star Wars’ Iconic Princess

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by Rachel Giffin

Carrie Fisher died in the early morning hours of on Tuesday, December 27, following four days of intensive care after a heart attack. Millions mourn the loss of this iconic actress.

While Fisher played in many successful films, her most remembered and probably most adored role was in George Lucas’ space adventure saga, Star Wars, where she portrayed the character of the fiery Princess Leia. Leia’s strong character served as a positive role model for many girls following the release of Star Wars, and her funny, sarcastic personality put an end to the stereotype of the damsel in distress. While the original mission requires the knight in shining armor (Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill) and his reluctant companion (Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford) to rescue the trapped princess, she is by no means helpless, as her part in the Star Wars saga proves.

Carrie Fisher was loved both on and off screen.  Following her death, celebrities all over the nation show their support through interviews and social media. Their remarks regarding Fisher’s life are relatively the same: she was a witty, can-do type of woman who others wanted to see win. In spite of her struggles–Fisher suffered from bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction–Fisher still won the hearts of many, and will continue to charm generations long after her death.


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