Thanksgiving Blues

  photo courtesy of ClipArt by Rachel Giffin Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, jack-o-lanterns and Christmas trees, and lost amidst the mad dashes to deliver candy to children on either October 31 or December 25, there is one day which seems to be mentioned less and less every year. What day is that? Black Friday? Not really. Thanksgiving is a time where kids can get … Continue reading Thanksgiving Blues

Turkey Talk with Christa Oeder

By Emily Caruso As the temperature drops and people prepare for Thanksgiving, Bellbrook High School celebrates the holiday in its own unique way: Teacher Turkey, a friendly competition between faculty members at BHS to see who wears a turkey costume to school. The winning turkey is determined by students donating money towards a teacher.  Raising over $500.00, all proceeds donated go to memorial funds for … Continue reading Turkey Talk with Christa Oeder

How to Save a Life

by Emily Caruso Imagine this: you’ve been in a car accident and before you can even open your eyes you’ve already been rushed to a hospital. You’re surrounded by doctors as your friends and family pace back and forth in the waiting room praying for recovery. The doctors are injecting you with different IVs telling you that everything will be ok; however, your doctors are … Continue reading How to Save a Life