How to Save a Life

by Emily Caruso

Imagine this: you’ve been in a car accident and before you can even open your eyes you’ve already been rushed to a hospital. You’re surrounded by doctors as your friends and family pace back and forth in the waiting room praying for recovery. The doctors are injecting you with different IVs telling you that everything will be ok; however, your doctors are running around like mad men trying to find you the correct type of blood for a blood transfusion so that you can live.
Every 2 seconds someone in the US is in a similar situation and is desperately in need of blood to save her life. One pint of blood given at a blood drive can save up to three lives. 

An opportunity seemingly distant to high school students, as blood drives are typically offered at hospitals, is coming to Bellbrook High School on Monday, November 25, between 8am and 1pm.
Key Club, a club dedicated to service projects for the community, is hosting the event with seniors Adele Hardwick and Ellie Fryman leading the way. “The blood drive is a really good way to help out your community and aid others,” stated Hardwick. “This is a way to reach out and care about someone else.”
Hardwick and Fryman confirmed the date saying that its necessary to donate blood before a major holiday, this blood drive before Thanksgiving, because there are more accidents and the hospitals need the blood. This tactic proves ever so useful to local hospitals as Thanksgiving was recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as the deadliest holiday in 2010 due to the amount of car accidents. “Its important that people come out to help our community, especially right before Thanksgiving,” said Fryman. 

Hardwick even addressed a rumor circulating the halls of Bellbrook High School about a possible theme for this upcoming blood drive. “I’m looking into a theme to get the school more focused on giving blood which we’re paired up with Varsity B to get some spirits up!” said Hardwick. Fryman and Hardwick tossed around themes, suggesting ideas centering on Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Vampires. The girls hope that the potential theme will spark interest in the student body and get kids involved. 

For those brave enough to donate on Monday, students must register and have a mini physical prior to their appointment. Donating blood is a simple way to help others; however, not everyone can participate. Requirements include weighing at least 110lbs and being over the age of 16 in the state of Ohio (the age requirement varies from state to state). Once students have completed these steps, then it’s time to actually take the blood. On average about a pint of blood is given and the process does not take long at all. For those who wish to help, but not actually give blood, they can talk to Hardwick and Fryman to see if they can do something like walk students back to class.

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