Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

By Leanne Beane As autumn approaches, many individuals are searching for new décor to match the upcoming season. Popular themes include homegrown food, forests, vibrant colors, and spicy scents. As companies begin advertising their seasonal items, candles, small animal figurines, and autumn plants rise to the top of the sales. These pieces of décor are inexpensive and trendy, perfect for any bedroom. Companies such as … Continue reading Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

Chromebooks Come to BHS

By Sarah Rovinsky Bellbrook’s freshmen and sophomores received Google Chromebooks on September 15-16 to better prepare them for the skills necessary in an increasingly digital age. The digital revolution will begin with the underclassmen because they’ve already had experience with them in middle school. The current junior class will also be receiving the technology next year to grow the program. Mr. Baker explained that, “Much of education is … Continue reading Chromebooks Come to BHS

What I learned from high school journalism…

By Anna Starkey After spending four semesters in Newspaper, here are nine things that I learned from my interesting experience: Procrastination is a slippery slope… Once you start, there is no stopping.  Missing one deadline becomes missing three articles and having an F in newspaper.  Instead of waiting until the night before a deadline, I plan to start all of my papers MUCH earlier in college. I … Continue reading What I learned from high school journalism…

Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

By Anna Starkey For a brief moment each year, a creature of the mud slowly emerges, ready to partake in its annual journey.  This migration is not for food, nor is it for a warm winter home.  Instead, the small, slimy creature chases streams, searching for an ideal body of water to lay its young.  This creature is the spotted salamander, and it has eluded Bellbrook High … Continue reading Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

BHS hosts annual art show

by Jackie Thompson and Anna Starkey Throughout the school year, Bellbrook students work diligently to express their creativity in their art classes.  Saturday, March 5, students has the opportunity to showcase their talents in the annual art show which was held in the make-shift gallery of BHS. Exceptional art pieces were hand-picked by art teachers from a variety of classes including Art 1 through 4, Arts … Continue reading BHS hosts annual art show

Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

By Anna Starkey “The oceans desperately need our help,” explained National Geographic photojournalist, Brian Skerry, to a theater full of astonished onlookers. For the fourth year in a row, National Geographic Live’s three-part series has returned to the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio.  Each installment showcases our world through the eyes of experienced explorers and photographers who have been featured in National Geographic media.  In … Continue reading Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

Walking in a winter wonderland…maybe?

By Anna Starkey Historically, the Northeast region of the United States has experienced brutally cold winters.  Having endured subzero temperatures and countless snowstorms previously, Northerners are wondering whether this winter, beginning on December 21, will parallel the last.  By observing the powerful, incoming  El Niño however, meteorologists are predicting otherwise. An El Niño can be described as a an irregularly occurring and complex series of … Continue reading Walking in a winter wonderland…maybe?

Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

by Rachael Birri In the words of Mr. Parks, “Christmas songs are like food; everyone has an opinion.” For example, Mr. Parks hates “Santa Baby.” He describes it as “very disturbing” and just “weird,” a sentiment shared by most, not to mention the greediness of the singer requesting such items as a ‘54 convertible, a duplex, and the deed to a platinum mine. Inversely, his … Continue reading Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

by Rachael Birri    On December 4, 1961, stockbroker Genevieve Habert, while browsing through New York’s Museum of Modern Art, noticed Henri Matisse’s La Bateau (“The Boat”) hanging upside down. He notified a guard and The New York Times before the museum’s art director, Monroe Wheeler, fixed the mistake, which had been on display for 47 days. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist known for … Continue reading Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4