BHS hosts annual art show

by Jackie Thompson and Anna Starkey

Throughout the school year, Bellbrook students work diligently to express their creativity in their art classes.  Saturday, March 5, students has the opportunity to showcase their talents in the annual art show which was held in the make-shift gallery of BHS. Exceptional art pieces were hand-picked by art teachers from a variety of classes including Art 1 through 4, Arts and Crafts, Drawing and Painting, and even some middle school classes.  The show highlighted the artistic abilities of Bellbrook students, especially that of Art 3 and 4 seniors who were given their own “senior showcases” to design and display their accomplishments.  Other than visual arts, live musical performances were also given during the show to represent a wide variety of ability and skill.    

Seniors Nick Martin and Madi Noel were delighted by the art they found displayed throughout the high school’s lobby. “It was really cool to see my friends’ pieces; I had no idea they were so talented!” says Martin. He especially liked the paintings done by fellow Senior, Maddie Eaglowski. Eaglowski paints primarily portraits both of her friends and family as well as celebrities. These portraits are truly stunning and remarkably realistic. P.S. She does do commissions!

Noel prefers photography. Among her favorites were the pictures snapped by Seniors Anna Starkey, Abbey Solomon, and Hana Midtlien. “I think the Art Show is great way for artists to showcase their talent through more unconventional mediums like photography,” says Noel. She enjoyed the variety she saw between the three girls’ showcases. Starkey focuses on nature; she photographs flowers, her pets, as well as some of the local scenery she encounters on her expeditions with her dog, Ellie. Solomon displayed striking pictures of pirouetting ballerinas like herself and her fellow dancers.  Midtlien took inspiration from her recent mission to Haiti. Her showcase exhibited eye-opening pictures of some of the children she encountered there.  

BHS art teachers, Hensley and Fogarty, agreed that this year’s art show was among the best they had ever put together.  “We just knew from the beginning of the year,” stated Hensley, “that we were teaching a very talented group of students.”


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