Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

By Leanne Beane As autumn approaches, many individuals are searching for new décor to match the upcoming season. Popular themes include homegrown food, forests, vibrant colors, and spicy scents. As companies begin advertising their seasonal items, candles, small animal figurines, and autumn plants rise to the top of the sales. These pieces of décor are inexpensive and trendy, perfect for any bedroom. Companies such as … Continue reading Autumn Décor Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom

BHS Music Department Celebrates Its Final Concert of the Season

by Rachel Giffin Bellbrook High School bands finished their final concert of the 2017 season with the flourish and grandeur of David Holsinger’s “American Faces,” a piece inspired by the national unity and ingenuity symbolized by Mount Rushmore. The concert highlighted the 2017 senior class and outstanding members of the ensemble with awards given throughout the concert. Performing at the concert was the BHS Percussion … Continue reading BHS Music Department Celebrates Its Final Concert of the Season

Winter Guard: Putting the “Bell” in Bellbrook

by Bergen Eppers The music starts and all of a sudden you’re driven to dance. Across the tarp and through blocks, you twirl. Then your group tosses, swirling in sync as they fly in the air…a one single *clink* echoes through the gym as they catch and beam radiantly.  The crowd erupts in applause, the sound bouncing off walls and vibrating inside of you, making … Continue reading Winter Guard: Putting the “Bell” in Bellbrook

Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, Makes History

by Meghan Malas Bob Dylan, a 75 year old musical and cultural influencer for more than five decades, has been awarded the Nobel Prize recognizing his excellence in literature on a global scale. Not only has he received the highest award in the field of literature, he also is the first musician to claim this title. For the past fifty years, Dylan has sold millions … Continue reading Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, Makes History

BHS hosts annual art show

by Jackie Thompson and Anna Starkey Throughout the school year, Bellbrook students work diligently to express their creativity in their art classes.  Saturday, March 5, students has the opportunity to showcase their talents in the annual art show which was held in the make-shift gallery of BHS. Exceptional art pieces were hand-picked by art teachers from a variety of classes including Art 1 through 4, Arts … Continue reading BHS hosts annual art show

Senior Legacy Blocks

by Jackie Thompson Walk down the curved art hallway at Bellbrook High School and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the colorful “legacy blocks” of this year’s seniors and those of seniors past. Leaving behind these beautiful murals is a tradition for the graduating art students here at BHS. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves, leave something behind for the future classes, and frankly, … Continue reading Senior Legacy Blocks

Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

By Anna Starkey “The oceans desperately need our help,” explained National Geographic photojournalist, Brian Skerry, to a theater full of astonished onlookers. For the fourth year in a row, National Geographic Live’s three-part series has returned to the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio.  Each installment showcases our world through the eyes of experienced explorers and photographers who have been featured in National Geographic media.  In … Continue reading Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

by Rachael Birri    On December 4, 1961, stockbroker Genevieve Habert, while browsing through New York’s Museum of Modern Art, noticed Henri Matisse’s La Bateau (“The Boat”) hanging upside down. He notified a guard and The New York Times before the museum’s art director, Monroe Wheeler, fixed the mistake, which had been on display for 47 days. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist known for … Continue reading Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

Successful First Day for Fall Play

By: Mitch Hughes Bellbrook High School’s theatre program had its first showing of this year’s fall play, “Madame’s Been Murdered; Tea Will Be Late,” on Thursday, November 20. The play adds a comical twist to a classic murder mystery format. This comical twist, directed by mastermind teacher Ms. Brown and stage crew led by Mr. Gogol, was executed brilliantly by Bellbrook’s finest student actors in … Continue reading Successful First Day for Fall Play

Danny Mendez Represents the Art Department

By Dan Yokajty Bellbrook High School senior Danny Mendez’s charcoal drawing titled Annie Clark sold for $120 at the Ohio Gifted Conference. Mendez entered this auction with help from art teacher Mrs. Fogarty. The auction was run by The Ohio Association for Gifted Children and held in Columbus. Mendez said, “I’m very happy that my art was featured.” He is currently taking Art 3 with … Continue reading Danny Mendez Represents the Art Department