This Year’s Prom Theme Announced

by Elaine King

“The parties were bigger.The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were taller, the morals were looser…” –The Great Gatsby

April is just around the corner. To some that means April showers are on their way, to others that means warmer weather, but to the upperclassmen of BHS that means Prom. This year the Junior class officers have decided on a Great Gatsby theme for the grand event.

This year students can mark their calendars for April 23 as the day of the dance. The Prom committee has chosen Yankee Trace, a golf club in Centerville, to hold the event. A sophisticated setting for a sophisticated theme, and the much-anticipated After Prom will be located at Five Seasons.

Jessica Zacharias, junior class Vice President, says that pearls and flapper dresses are not necessary. But we can expect the decor to imitate the facade of the 1920’s party scene. Ideas of how to portray Gatsby’s grand party scene are still floating around and the prom committee is looking for more. The theme concept came from the junior class president, Henry Wong and was chosen because “Everyone has read the book.” The locations were picked because they were fancy just like the occasion. Despite the location and theme picks, the committee is having trouble coming up with more options. The committee is small and is looking for students to join and contribute.



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