All-Star Weekend 2016

By: Harmony Takhar

Every year, the best of the best in the NBA come together for a weekend full of fun for themselves and fans. The weekend usually takes place the second weekend of February and all of it is available for fans to watch on TV and the internet. There’s all kind of fun things to take part in, such as the slam-dunk contest, the three-point contest, and the celebrity all-star game. This year, the games were held in Toronto, Canada from February 12-14.

On February 12, the All-Star Celebrity Game took place. The two teams were Canada and USA. The head coach for Team Canada was Drake, the rapper. Toronto is his home city and he was representing for it pretty well all weekend. The head coach for Team USA was Kevin Hart, with assistant coach Becky Hammon, the first female coach in the NBA. It was close in the first half, but evidently in the second half, Team Canada ended up taking the win. Later in the night the Rising Star challenge took place. The winner in this one was none other than Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On February 13, the Skills Challenge, the Three-Point Shoutout, and the Slam-Dunk Contest took place. Karl Anthony Towns, who is a rookie and the number one overall pick, dominated the Skills Challenge. He beat Isaiah Thomas in the final round. The Three-Point Shoutout had the splash brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, going head to head. The victor in this competition was Klay Thompson. The Slam-Dunk Contest ended the night off pretty well. The dunks got pretty creative towards the end. The two who just kept the contest going were Aaron Gordan and Zach LaVine. Gordan even jumped over one of the mascots and practically sat in the air for his dunk. LaVine won this one too, proving that props don’t persuade the judges as much as the player would’ve liked it to.

February 14 was the most emotional day of the weekend. It was the All-Star Game and the top players in the NBA went at it. The reason why it was so emotional was because it was Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star Game. The teams went out and had fun. We saw some of the best plays this winter take place in this game. LeBron James was the head of the East team and Kobe Bryant was the head of the West team. The game was a mix of both teams leading in points. 196-173 was the score at the end of the game, with West reigning victorious. It was quite comforting for fans to see Bryant win his last game. This game also broke quite a few records. It was the highest amount of points to be made by a team in the first half, by the West team, and highest amount of points to be made by a team in the whole game as well, also from the West team.

Sources: All-Star Weekend. NBA. 12-14 Feb. 2016. Television.


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