Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

By Anna Starkey “The oceans desperately need our help,” explained National Geographic photojournalist, Brian Skerry, to a theater full of astonished onlookers. For the fourth year in a row, National Geographic Live’s three-part series has returned to the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio.  Each installment showcases our world through the eyes of experienced explorers and photographers who have been featured in National Geographic media.  In … Continue reading Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

Walking in a winter wonderland…maybe?

By Anna Starkey Historically, the Northeast region of the United States has experienced brutally cold winters.  Having endured subzero temperatures and countless snowstorms previously, Northerners are wondering whether this winter, beginning on December 21, will parallel the last.  By observing the powerful, incoming  El Niño however, meteorologists are predicting otherwise. An El Niño can be described as a an irregularly occurring and complex series of … Continue reading Walking in a winter wonderland…maybe?

Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

by Rachael Birri In the words of Mr. Parks, “Christmas songs are like food; everyone has an opinion.” For example, Mr. Parks hates “Santa Baby.” He describes it as “very disturbing” and just “weird,” a sentiment shared by most, not to mention the greediness of the singer requesting such items as a ‘54 convertible, a duplex, and the deed to a platinum mine. Inversely, his … Continue reading Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

by Rachael Birri    On December 4, 1961, stockbroker Genevieve Habert, while browsing through New York’s Museum of Modern Art, noticed Henri Matisse’s La Bateau (“The Boat”) hanging upside down. He notified a guard and The New York Times before the museum’s art director, Monroe Wheeler, fixed the mistake, which had been on display for 47 days. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist known for … Continue reading Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

Top five local thrift shops

By Anna Starkey Whether you are searching for an outfit for a football game, a Halloween costume, or an ugly sweater, thrift stores offer convenient and cheap solutions to any wardrobe problem.  Luckily, the Dayton area is home to multiple second-hand shops. Here are the Top Five must visit thrift shops in the area:   Happy thrifting! (And remember to wash clothing prior to use.) Continue reading Top five local thrift shops

NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

By Dan Yokajty Exam week is here and students around the school are starting to stress out. Studying is a very difficult task to stay focused on. Even harder than studying is finding time to study, since juggling your schedule is tricky. So the Bellbrook National Honor Society is tackling this problem by offering peer tutoring after school every day during exam week. So if you are having … Continue reading NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

National Honor Society Inducts Next Class

By Dan Yokajty and Caroline Wong On Wednesday, December 3, Bellbrook High School held their annual National Honor Society Induction ceremony. This year 60 students were selected to join the National Honor Society, 58 Juniors and 2 Seniors. These students applied in early November and were tapped during the school day on November 21. During the ceremony, the 60 inductees were praised in front of … Continue reading National Honor Society Inducts Next Class

Annual Blood Drive Collects 82 pints

By Dan Yokajty Bellbrook High School held its annual blood drive Monday, November 10. The Key club runs this event so that students can get a chance to help the community by donating their own blood. Martin Cheng, the student coordinator, noted, “We had 105 people sign up and we ended up having 82 pints of blood total.” As a first time donor I was very … Continue reading Annual Blood Drive Collects 82 pints

Madame’s Been Murdered!

by Caroline Wong This coming November, Bellbrook High School plans to put on their annual fall play with a plot filled with mystery, murder, and adventure. The cast, stage crew, and director Ms. Brown have been diligently working on this play since the end of September and anticipate to begin school performances the week before Thanksgiving break. Senior, Alexia Vlahos, avoiding giving away spoilers, explains the play … Continue reading Madame’s Been Murdered!