Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

by Rachael Birri In the words of Mr. Parks, “Christmas songs are like food; everyone has an opinion.” For example, Mr. Parks hates “Santa Baby.” He describes it as “very disturbing” and just “weird,” a sentiment shared by most, not to mention the greediness of the singer requesting such items as a ‘54 convertible, a duplex, and the deed to a platinum mine. Inversely, his … Continue reading Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4

by Rachael Birri    On December 4, 1961, stockbroker Genevieve Habert, while browsing through New York’s Museum of Modern Art, noticed Henri Matisse’s La Bateau (“The Boat”) hanging upside down. He notified a guard and The New York Times before the museum’s art director, Monroe Wheeler, fixed the mistake, which had been on display for 47 days. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist known for … Continue reading Matisse Mishap: Dec. 4


by Rachael Birri In the recent terrorist attacks in Paris led by ISIS, it’s hard to find solace in the deaths of around 120 people and injuries of hundreds more, but the world has shown their support through their own means: social networking. Instagram exploded with the photo by French illustrator Jean Jullien which depicts the Eiffel Tower inside a peace sign, typically accompanied by the hashtag … Continue reading #PrayforParis

Behind the Curtain

by Rachael Birri This Wednesday, November 18, the Bellbrook Theater Department will be performing And Then There Were None, written by Samuel French and based off the novel by Agatha Christie. The intimate 11-person cast has been working diligently since September to bring to life this harrowing tale where 10 people invited to an island dinner party start disappearing one by one along with 10 china soldiers. … Continue reading Behind the Curtain

Why You Should Minimize Your Pencil Bag–Or Not

by Rachael Birri and Bridget Richard Rachael’s View My pencil bag is my purse (which is not large enough to fit a standard wallet or more than one lipstick, let alone excess clutter). Therefore, I make it my personal mission to make sure that I only carry what is vital. As a result, I rarely spend more than three seconds looking for any item within … Continue reading Why You Should Minimize Your Pencil Bag–Or Not

Healthy After-School Snacks for Every Craving

by Rachael Birri Pretzels with hummus are a great way to satisfy a salty, after-school craving without sacrificing too-many calories. Snack Factory’s Mini Crisps (available in a variety of flavors and including a gluten-free option) are the perfect low-calorie hummus transportation devices. Substitute a bag of potato chips for Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps which contain only 110 calories per serving (and are shaped like snap … Continue reading Healthy After-School Snacks for Every Craving

On Fleek: A How To

by Rachael Birri Wash your face, exfoliate, and moisturize. Apply your foundation (if any), before starting eyebrows. Brush the eyebrow hair straight up.  Trim particularly long eyebrow hairs. Pluck the strays. Do not drastically change the shape of the brow. If you can’t tweeze the hair without almost grabbing another, it’s not a stray. If you over pluck, there’s a possibility that the hair won’t … Continue reading On Fleek: A How To

The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming

by Rachael Birri Do: Leave your phone in the car. You did not spend all that money on a dress/suit, tickets, and dinner so that you could stand in the corner browsing through the Buzzfeed Snapchat story. Instead, glance up and bask in the awkwardness of freshman with “dates,” laugh at the seniors who act better than everyone else, pity the juniors that just look … Continue reading The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming

Less is Less and that’s Okay

by Rachael Birri More. Bigger. Not better. Living in a Western world of mass consumerism harms our planet, our wallets, and most importantly, our mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, children under the age of 4 cannot distinguish between television advertisements and scheduled programming, meaning that want and entertainment become associated at a very early age. This advertisement doesn’t let up as we … Continue reading Less is Less and that’s Okay