by Rachael Birri

In the recent terrorist attacks in Paris led by ISIS, it’s hard to find solace in the deaths of around 120 people and injuries of hundreds more, but the world has shown their support through their own means: social networking. Instagram exploded with the photo by French illustrator Jean Jullien which depicts the Eiffel Tower inside a peace sign, typically accompanied by the hashtag #PrayforParis. French artist Joan Sfar encouraged a new hashtag #ParisIsAboutLife which offers a way to show support for non-religious persons which trended on Twitter. Facebook offered a new filter with the French flag to its user base. While the Eiffel Tower has gone dark in the city of light, the rest of the world has lit up from the Colosseum to the Capitol Building, all showing the French flag.

All the profile pictures in the world can’t reverse the damage done to the victims of ISIS, but the support expressed raises awareness so that the whole world can see the need to band together to stop ISIS. The hatred of one group can take our attention, our morale, our lives, but they can never take our humanity.


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