The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming

by Rachael Birri

Do: Leave your phone in the car. You did not spend all that money on a dress/suit, tickets, and dinner so that you could stand in the corner browsing through the Buzzfeed Snapchat story. Instead, glance up and bask in the awkwardness of freshman with “dates,” laugh at the seniors who act better than everyone else, pity the juniors that just look bored, and forget about the sophomores because everyone does.

Don’t: Forget to take pictures. Take too many photos because there’s no such thing.

Do: Plan a place to eat ahead of time. Beavercreek is having their homecoming on October 3 as well, so don’t be caught standing at The Greene all dressed up with nowhere to go because you thought you wouldn’t need reservations.

Don’t: Think you have to go somewhere fancy. Last year my friends and I went to Chili’s in street clothes then got ready together. It was just as nice as somewhere twice the price, and we had guacamole.

Do: Take off your shoes. Love yourself. Don’t try to tough it out and then not be able to walk all next week because of blisters.

Don’t: Forget to bring shoes to dance in. It’s a gymnasium floor. There are diseases lurking in every crevice. A pair of flats goes a long way.

Do: Find a dress that fits you. You’re not going to magically gain or lose any weight in the next two weeks to help you fill out or squeeze into your dress. A dress that fits nice always looks better than one bursting at the seams or sagging in awkward places.

Don’t: Forget about the jewelry. A nice accessory can take your ensemble from pretty to gorgeous. A simple ring or fun earrings can help define your style in a sea of similar dresses. Guys, a nice tie is all you have. Make it count.

Do: Have fun. High school may drag on forever Monday morning during math class, but as a senior looking back, the years fly by, and high school dances stand as checkpoints in time where you can see how you’ve grown, who you liked, and your sense of style over the years. Make it something to remember.

Don’t: Stress out. In the end, it’s just a school dance, so if your date leaves you or you sweat off all your makeup in the first 30 minutes or your dress tears just remember to “clap it out now, ya’ll.”