Treehuggers Unite! Environmental Club on the rise

by Jackie Thompson

Tuesday, October 13 marked the very first meeting of BHS’s new Environmental Club. The club was co-founded by Seniors Anna Starkey and Jackie Thompson, with Mrs. Dyer acting as the club’s supervisor.

“Jackie and I decided to start this club to do what we can to improve the environment, whether that’s by educating students on the threats it’s facing or creating programs to make BHS greener,” Starkey said.

The club plans to partner with the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Parks District as well as the Bellbrook Garden Club to provide its members with a multitude of projects and volunteer opportunities ranging from leading nature hikes to helping out with the Garden Club’s worm bin project at the elementary school. Starkey and Thompson hope to implement their own projects at BHS as well. Some of their budding ideas include creating a compost pile, cleaning up the school’s courtyard, and creating a “Recycling Rewards” program, where students could bring in recyclable items and exchange them for baked goods.

“It really all depends on what our club members are interested in,” Starkey explains. “Jackie and I have a ton of ideas in the works, but we’re always open to suggestions.”

Students seem interested in what the club has to offer with nearly forty students in attendance at the first meeting. The turn out was good enough for Starkey and Thompson, who say they’ll be moving forward with the club and be holding another meeting in the weeks to come.


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