What I learned from high school journalism…

By Anna Starkey After spending four semesters in Newspaper, here are nine things that I learned from my interesting experience: Procrastination is a slippery slope… Once you start, there is no stopping.  Missing one deadline becomes missing three articles and having an F in newspaper.  Instead of waiting until the night before a deadline, I plan to start all of my papers MUCH earlier in college. I … Continue reading What I learned from high school journalism…

Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

By Anna Starkey For a brief moment each year, a creature of the mud slowly emerges, ready to partake in its annual journey.  This migration is not for food, nor is it for a warm winter home.  Instead, the small, slimy creature chases streams, searching for an ideal body of water to lay its young.  This creature is the spotted salamander, and it has eluded Bellbrook High … Continue reading Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

by Rachael Birri In the words of Mr. Parks, “Christmas songs are like food; everyone has an opinion.” For example, Mr. Parks hates “Santa Baby.” He describes it as “very disturbing” and just “weird,” a sentiment shared by most, not to mention the greediness of the singer requesting such items as a ‘54 convertible, a duplex, and the deed to a platinum mine. Inversely, his … Continue reading Christmas Carols and Musical Perils

Outstanding Athlete Spotlight: Holly Hulett

by Jackie Thompson She’s been swimming competitively for nearly ten years now and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Senior Holly Hulett has been a crucial part of the BHS swim team since her debut freshmen year. This year, however, she’s determined to make it to state. “I think we have really shot this year!” Hulett says. “This is the largest team I’ve ever been a part … Continue reading Outstanding Athlete Spotlight: Holly Hulett

Treehuggers Unite! Environmental Club on the rise

by Jackie Thompson Tuesday, October 13 marked the very first meeting of BHS’s new Environmental Club. The club was co-founded by Seniors Anna Starkey and Jackie Thompson, with Mrs. Dyer acting as the club’s supervisor. “Jackie and I decided to start this club to do what we can to improve the environment, whether that’s by educating students on the threats it’s facing or creating programs to … Continue reading Treehuggers Unite! Environmental Club on the rise

What is lent anyway?

By Cayla Destefani Just last Wednesday (2/18/15) Christian churches all over the world celebrated Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I’ll bet some people just went into panic reading that and thought, “No way! Is it Lent already? Does that mean I need to give something up?” Although many people use this Lenten season to try to actually complete their New Year Resolution of … Continue reading What is lent anyway?

NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

By Dan Yokajty Exam week is here and students around the school are starting to stress out. Studying is a very difficult task to stay focused on. Even harder than studying is finding time to study, since juggling your schedule is tricky. So the Bellbrook National Honor Society is tackling this problem by offering peer tutoring after school every day during exam week. So if you are having … Continue reading NHS Peer Tutoring all week!

Club Check-up: League of Legends Club

By: Dan Yokajty The League of Legends club sponsored by math teacher Mr. Gogol is a club where League of Legends players can come together to play their favorite online game. League of Legends is an online multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) made by Riot Games. According to their website, “League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of … Continue reading Club Check-up: League of Legends Club