Which BHS Class Are You?

By Jackie Thompson

Care to see which BHS class you personify? Take this personality quiz to find out!

1. How would your friends describe you?

a.) Tenacious

b.) Warm

c.) Clever

d.) Cultured

e.) Argumentative

2. How do you spend a typical weekend?

a.) Head in with plans to finish my homework, but don’t start it until Sunday at 10pm.

b.) Meet up with some friends and have a little night on the town!

c.) I’m up for whatever! I like to go with the flow; things are more fun that way.

d.) I’m working! Gotta save up some money to travel!

e.) Maybe hang out with friends if I feel up to it. I’ve really been meaning to catch up on my reading…

3. What’s your greatest weakness?

a.) Perfectionism

b.) I’m nonconfrontinal

c.) Procrastination

d.) Impulsiveness

e.) I tend to overthink everything

4. How would you decorate your classroom?

a.) Handy informational posters pertaining to the subjects I taught

b.) Organized Chaos. Haphazard stacks of paper and student-painted murals on every wall

c.) I’d deck it out with all the latest technology

d.) Pictures of monuments and skylines from all around the world

e.) Posters of all the things I like—books, movies, TV shows, you name it!

5. Which of the following embodies you most?

a.) “You create your own opportunities,”

b.) Glass half full

c.) “Work smarter not harder,”

d.) “Variety is the spice of life,”

e.) The Devil’s Advocate

6. You’ve just been assigned a large project. It’s due next Monday, so you have the whole week to do it. What approach would you take?

a.) Throw a tantrum about how unfair this project (and the world) is, but inevitably end up working very hard on it and doing a great job.

b.) Work on it here and there throughout the week.

c.) Start it late Sunday night.

d.) You have grandiose ideas for the project at the beginning, but inevitably have to abandon them as the deadline nears and you still haven’t started it.

e.) Write a five paragraph essay on why you didn’t have enough time to finish the project and should be given an extension

7. Which topic interests you most?

a.) Biology

b.) Sociology

c.) Photography

d.) Anthropology

e.) Psychology

8. Which is the most important?

a.) Success

b.) Peace

c.) Creativity

d.) Progress

e.) Knowledge

9. What’s your approach to teaching?

a.) Powerpoint lectures and the occasional lab

b.) Hands-on learning

c.) Lots and lots of independent projects

d.) Traditional lectures with frequent guest speakers

e.) Discussion groups and analyses

10. What’s your pet peeve?

a.) People who are wishy-washy

b.) Closed-mindedness

c.) People who can’t think for themselves

d.)  Ignorance

e.) Opinions that aren’t backed up

Mostly A’s:  You’re AP Chemistry! You have lofty dreams and you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them. Others might call you cutthroat, but you prefer determined, ambitious, and hardworking. You tend to be rigid in your ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment. With that attitude, you’ll definitely reach your aspirations, but remember to put down that beaker, take off those safety glasses, and have a little fun every once in awhile.  

Mostly B’s: You’re Arts and Crafts! You’re creative, social, and a bit of an optimist. You try your best to not sweat the small stuff, and because of this, people are attracted to your laid-back and warm nature. People love to be around you and you love to be around people! However, this means you have tendency to be too passive, and let others boss you around. Make an effort to grab life by the brush, and Van Gogh for it! But that’s harder said than drawn…

Mostly C’s: You’re Web Design! Ingenuity is your middle name. You’re remarkably intelligent, creative, and, well, lazy. Without proper motivation, you’ll always do the bare minimum. But when you’re inspired, however, you’re capable of amazing things. Still, you tend to be quite the cynic. Just remember: Life’s a code and it’s up to you to crack it. Get TI-Nspired!

Mostly D’s: You’re World History! You’re innately curious and idealistic. You have a vision of what the world should be and you’re determined to make it a reality. You’re open-minded; you love to try new things. In fact, you welcome change. Forward is the only direction you’re willing to move. You’re fascinated by other cultures and you preach tolerance above all else, but you yourself can be intolerant at times. It’s great to be opinionated but try not to talk over others. Afterall, history does repeat itself. If you’re not careful, you might end up becoming part of the problem you’ve been crusading against.

Mostly E’s: You’re AP English Language! In your world, the person with the most compelling argument wins. You’re logical, passionate, and a bit mischievous. Sometimes, you like to start arguments for the fun of it just to see how others will respond. You’re also analytical. You excel at reading between the lines and figuring out what people are actually saying.



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