Second Semester Seniors

by Alyssa Rogers

As the countdown to graduation begins and college acceptance letters start coming in the mail, seniors at BHS are getting incredibly antsy to put on their cap and gown and receive their diploma.

This time around I interviewed to BHS seniors about roommates. Roommates are a part of a lot of college students’ lives, but it can be extremely intimidating and even awkward when it comes to finding yours. Overall choosing a roommate can be as easy as selecting “random” on your housing application or it could be a bit tougher process. It’s completely personal preference. Some people find that living with a randomly-selected roommate works best, while others want to get to know who they will be living with before they move in. Through the different websites that match you up and various Facebook pages, it is almost impossible not to find someone. It is just a matter of how long it will take before someone comes your way.

Jade Harris is attending UC in the fall to study neuroscience. When I asked her to describe her experience finding her roommates she said it was “awkward, but in the end, super worth it to find people you actually like rather than letting the school pick random ones.” Harris has applied to live in a quad with her three other roommates who she found through a combination of Facebook and mutual friends. She and her roommates all have the same views on the balance between having fun and staying dedicated to grades. When she finally was able to meet her roommates in person, Harris said, “It was like everything clicked. Everything was all the way it was supposed to be.”

Cole Weaver is also attending UC in the fall. He plans to study business and economics. His experience finding roommates was a bit different than Harris’s. Weaver said he found all of his three quad-mates at once. “They were all already friends and they immediately responded to my post on the Facebook page, and that’s really all.” He may have had an easier time finding his roommates, but the entire experience is different for every one. Unlike Harris, Weaver said he didn’t find the process awkward at all, “Then again, they all reached out to me so I didn’t really have to go out and look for people.”


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