The “No ‘Poo” Movement

By: Jackie Thompson Royal Drene, the first synthetic (no-soap) shampoo was developed by Cincinnati’s very own Proctor & Gamble in the mid-1930s. The product was an instant hit. By the 1970’s, synthetic shampoos were used daily by most Americans to wash their hair. But what about prior to the advent of the modern shampoo? What methods did earlier Americans use to clean their lovely locks? … Continue reading The “No ‘Poo” Movement

Grad Party Survival Guide

By: Jackie Thompson Ah, the grad party. As if 12 years of school with the same people wasn’t enough, these beloved get-togethers give you the opportunity to meet their relatives! If you’ve never ridden the grad party circuit before, all the invitations piling up can seem daunting to say the least. Here are a few tips to ensure your survival: Bring a Friend: The Buddy System … Continue reading Grad Party Survival Guide

How to Learn a Foreign Language (By Yourself!)

By: Jackie Thompson Foreign languages are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s education system. Most students are roped into some sort of foreign language requirement whether in high school or beyond. Here are a few tips for struggling foreign language students and aspiring polyglot alike: Free language resources galore: There are tons of apps on the market devoted to foreign language learning. Duolingo is a great … Continue reading How to Learn a Foreign Language (By Yourself!)

The Science Behind Personality Quizzes

By: Jackie Thompson Which Full House character are you? What type of emoji are you? Which Bible figure are you? Buzzfeed’s personality quizzes are arguably the best way to find out these crucial bits of information about yourself and waste hours of time procrastinating along the way. Personality quizzes are silly, fun, and take only minutes to complete. But is there any merit to them? … Continue reading The Science Behind Personality Quizzes

Senior Legacy Blocks

by Jackie Thompson Walk down the curved art hallway at Bellbrook High School and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the colorful “legacy blocks” of this year’s seniors and those of seniors past. Leaving behind these beautiful murals is a tradition for the graduating art students here at BHS. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves, leave something behind for the future classes, and frankly, … Continue reading Senior Legacy Blocks

A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships

by Jackie Thompson With batches of admission decisions coming in each week, many seniors are discovering they’ve successfully tackled the first obstacle on their path to higher education: getting in. Being accepted into any college is cause for celebration, so by all means, celebrate. But remember, the issue of paying for college still remains. “I think a lot of people don’t realize how many scholarships … Continue reading A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships

BHS Winter Guard: A Sport of the Arts

By Jackie Thompson Winter guard is a “Sport of the Arts,” or so boasts Winter Guard International (WGI). It combines athleticism with creativity in the form of spectacular performances. Bellbrook’s winter guard devotes nearly half their year to perfection. In 2013, Bellbrook’s winter guard finished first in the WGI’s scholastic A class  competition. WGI is the foremost authority on all things winter guard and hosts regional and … Continue reading BHS Winter Guard: A Sport of the Arts

Senior Alyssa Burritt Recognized at BHS Pep Rally

By Jackie Thompson The pep rallies thrown here at BHS aren’t exactly known for their pep or their peppy participants. Ask nearly any student what they think of our pep rallies and you’ll hear the same thing: “Ugh, I hate pep rallies.” Junior Dima Shaltaf reluctantly agrees. “It’s not that I’m against pep rallies or anything. They’re a great way to find out when upcoming … Continue reading Senior Alyssa Burritt Recognized at BHS Pep Rally

A Fleeting Fantasy? Fantasy Sports Under Attack

by Jackie Thompson New York’s Attorney General has banned fantasy football, and Ohio might be next. In the coming days, Ohio lawmakers will review the state’s laws on gambling to determine whether fantasy football is in opposition to them. Some may be shocked to discover that such a trivial issue is under review by state legislators, but fantasy football is a multi-billion dollar industry. Fantasy … Continue reading A Fleeting Fantasy? Fantasy Sports Under Attack