Senior Alyssa Burritt Recognized at BHS Pep Rally

By Jackie Thompson


The pep rallies thrown here at BHS aren’t exactly known for their pep or their peppy participants. Ask nearly any student what they think of our pep rallies and you’ll hear the same thing: “Ugh, I hate pep rallies.”

Junior Dima Shaltaf reluctantly agrees. “It’s not that I’m against pep rallies or anything. They’re a great way to find out when upcoming games and meets are for athletes, as well as support the band and winter guard.” Shaltaf offers as a disclaimer. “It’s just really boring to stand there for thirty some minutes and do nothing!”

Shaltaf reminisces on the pep rallies she went to back in middle school. Back then, the teachers, not the students, ran the show. They pulled volunteers from the bleachers for the activities, so everyone who wanted to participate had a fair shot at being chosen. Shaltaf also recalls pep rallies being orchestrated more smoothly at BMS, and singles that out as one of the main issues with our pep rallies at BHS.

“It’s difficult to get a crowd excited at pep rallies when so much time is spent trying to get microphones to work or transition between activities,” Shaltaf explains. However, this wasn’t an issue at the school’s last pep rally, thanks to special guests from Channel 2 News and Hot 102.9’s The Partyman.

The two visited BHS in order to deliver senior Alyssa Burritt a trophy naming her Penn Station’s athlete of the month, honoring both her decorated golf career and exemplary academics. Students poured from the bleachers at the Partyman’s prompting to stand beside and cheer for  Burritt as she was interviewed on television and awarded the trophy.

As a senior at BHS, I can honestly say it was the most exciting pep rally I’ve attended. Not only were all students given an opportunity to take part in the festivities, but it also allowed student athletes to be recognized for the hard work they’ve put into their craft. In addition to Burritt’s much-deserved spotlight, our competition cheerleading squad and nationally-ranked winter guard were given opportunities to show off, the latter accompanied by music from our band.

Tune in Channel 2 News on the first Tuesday of 2016 (January 5) to see the excitement and Burritt’s interview.


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