San Bernardino Shooting

By: Joseph Spirk

On Thursday, December 3, a Christmas party at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California was interrupted by two heavily armed individuals who stormed the building and then opened fire on the helpless crowd. The attack was carried out by 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook, an inspector with the department, and his 27-year-old wife Tashfeen Malik, an immigrant from Pakistan. According to investigators Farook left the holiday party abruptly before a group picture was to be taken and then returned with his wife to carry out the attack. Spectators at the party said Syed left the party “angry.”

The rampage left 14 dead and over 21 injured and is considered the largest shooting to take place after the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 that killed 28 people. Federal and state authorities are now classifying the attack as an act of terrorism and President Barack Obama reiterated those remarks later in the week through a special presidential address Sunday night.

The Inland Regional Center is part of the California Department of Developmental Services which provides services for people with developmental disabilities to the Southern California region.


Speaking after the shooting, Syed Rizwan Farook’s father said his son had been obsessed with the destruction of Israel and that he was also sympathetic to some of ISIS’s philosophy. However, Tashfeen Malik’s family, speaking from Pakistan, said she was just like any other girl, “a typical housewife,” and did not show any signs of radicalization.

In the days following the attack the Federal Bureau of Investigation has found that Syed and his wife had been “radicalized for sometime.”


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