Senior Timeline: End of 2015

By: Cayla Destefani The 2015 school year is coming to an end, and for seniors graduation is right around the corner. The seniors have Senior Week, and then a week of finishing touches after that. Here is a run-down of the last few and crucial weeks for seniors 2015. Monday 5/11/15- Boot camp day. Dress like your heading off to Army boot camp! Tuesday 5/12/15- Career day. … Continue reading Senior Timeline: End of 2015

Bellbrook Prom 2015

By: Cayla Destefani Bellbrook High School Prom 2015 is coming up! Starting May 2 at 8pm at the Kroc Center is a night of dreams for many high schoolers who will be attending Bellbrook’s prom themed “Cloud Nine.” Mrs. Potter, who is in charge of the prom committee this year, said, “The kids wanted something unique, and to not stick with the traditional themes of the past. … Continue reading Bellbrook Prom 2015

Volunteering at the Parks

By: Cayla Destefani The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District has so many wonderful volunteer opportunities available to Bellbrook citizens, especially during the summer! Now with their new online system it is easier than ever to see what programs they have available, and with the click of a button, sign up for new events. With summer fast approaching, many students will be looking for ways to get in some extra … Continue reading Volunteering at the Parks

Oh the things to do with Peeps!

  By Cayla Destefani Spring is well on its way, and we all know that with Spring comes the traditional Easter treats! People who celebrate the holiday will be receiving baskets full of Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, egg-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups, and the most exciting of all, Peeps. These little marshmallow wonders are not only adorable but also completely delicious, and come with many uses. Whether … Continue reading Oh the things to do with Peeps!

What is lent anyway?

By Cayla Destefani Just last Wednesday (2/18/15) Christian churches all over the world celebrated Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I’ll bet some people just went into panic reading that and thought, “No way! Is it Lent already? Does that mean I need to give something up?” Although many people use this Lenten season to try to actually complete their New Year Resolution of … Continue reading What is lent anyway?

How to Make Your House More a Home

By: Cayla Destefani

Everyone has a place they call home sweet home. But how does one make it seem the most warm and inviting that it can be? The three most influential factors in creating a mood and personality for your home are color, accessories, and lighting. Here are a few tips in those three areas to liven up all of the rooms to make a home more comfortable and happy. Remember that in your home, you make it what you want it to be with special decorations and your own personal flair!

Continue reading “How to Make Your House More a Home”

Super Bowl Party Eats

By Cayla Destefani

Super Bowl season is upon us! Some people are planning to host big parties, while others plan to party hop. But no matter whether the plan for Sunday is to host, hop, or simply stay home, there is one thing that is always necessary, and that is food. Everyone needs the classic appetizers, so here are some recipes ranging from simple to complex to prepare. Also, some fun desserts can bring spirit into any Super Bowl party, so I added some delicious and festive treats that can be shared with all.

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Boy shot over fake gun

By: Cayla Destefani Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old boy from Cleveland. On Saturday, November 22, the boy was at a local park outside of the Cudell Recreation Center and apparently pulling out and waiving around an Airsoft gun with the orange tip removed. Police arrived at the scene and told the boy to drop his weapon. When he did not comply and pulled the weapon … Continue reading Boy shot over fake gun

Election Day Results

By: Cayla Destefani Election Day results are in! Governor- John Kasich (GOP party) won with 64% vote Attorney General- Mike DeWine (GOP party) won with 62% vote Secretary of State- Jon Husted (GOP party) won with 59% vote Auditor- Dave Yost (GOP party) won with 57% vote U.S. House of Representatives- District 1: Steve Chabot District 2: Brad Wenstrup District 3: Joyce Beatty District 4: Jim … Continue reading Election Day Results