17 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

By Cayla Destefani

Ohio is predicted to have a very long and cold winter coming up this season. Here are 17 tips to stay warm and keep away the winter blues.

1. Wear your favorite hat, scarf, and gloves

Protect yourself from the frosty air, but look great at the same time!

2. Put on a comfy sweater

Getting lost in a big fluffy sweater can bring warmth to any chill.

3. Curl up in a blanket…or two

Nothing feels nicer than coming in from the cold and wrapping up in snuggly goodness.

4. Have a warm beverage

Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, you name it! Great way to warm your hands, heart, and soul.

5. Eat a bowl of soup

Any soup will do. Especially after a snowy adventure this sounds so good!

6. Sit around a fire

What a nice way to relax and warm up. Maybe have some marshmallows while you’re at it…

7. Take a warm bath

And add some bubbles for funsies. An excellent way to warm yourself to the core and relax after a long chilly day.

8. Snuggle with a pet

Pets make everyone feel better. Whether coming in from the cold or just needing a little pick-me-up, snuggling with a furry friend can bring joy to any freezing day.

9. Hug a friend

Penguins huddle for heat when outside, or just bring it in when in need of a lift.

10. Bundle up and go for a walk

It may be a little chilly, but it is so beautiful to experience the snow first-hand and walk through a real winter wonderland.

11. Go for a sled ride

Remember your childhood snow-day activity? Re-live it! Bring back those warm memories of freezing days and have a great time.

12. Watch the snow

Sit inside and enjoy the beauty of the winter world around you.

13. Build a snowman

Do you want to? I think you do. Go add some winter spirit to your yard to make your home a lively beacon in this frosty season.

14. Play a game

Get some friends together and open an old game. Have fun enjoying friendly competition. Smiles and laughs for everyone!

15. Make cookies and milk

What warms a soul better than milk and cookies?

16. Light a candle

Warm your home with a delicious winter scent, and warm the atmosphere with flickering candle light.

17. Dance

Or exercise in general. Dancing is a great way to move with friends to some great music and get your blood pumping on a cold night.


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