Volunteering at the Parks

By: Cayla Destefani

The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District has so many wonderful volunteer opportunities available to Bellbrook citizens, especially during the summer! Now with their new online system it is easier than ever to see what programs they have available, and with the click of a button, sign up for new events.

With summer fast approaching, many students will be looking for ways to get in some extra volunteer hours, but might not know where to turn. Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for youth, teens, and adults. Some of these include volunteering at the Art in the Park Camps. These camps for youth include crafts, games, and snacks every day for four days at Bellbrock Park Shelter, and volunteers assist the program runners in setting up, greeting, running, and cleaning the camp.

People can also earn volunteer hours setting up, cleaning up, and calling numbers for Family BINGO. One can even volunteer at a Healing our Habitats event by assisting staff with the hike, setting up various needs, helping to load and move equipment and supplies, and assisting with clean up. These are just a few examples of many different volunteer opportunities available for people of all ages with all sorts of different interests, and there are even more events and ways for people to get involved in the community as well.

To get more information about the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks, visit their website at http://www.bellbrooksugarcreekparks.org/ and a list of all of the volunteer opportunities as well as other events can be found at http://bellbrooksugarcreek.recdesk.com/recdeskportal/Programs/tabid/2345/Default.aspx.
When signing up for an event or a volunteering opportunity, go to the second link. When there, you can browse through all of the options, but before you can register for anything you must make an account. On the left hand side of the screen there will be a box that will ask you to log in or create an account. Creating an account only takes five minutes, and when it is done you can register for any event or volunteer opportunity you want.

Many students need volunteer hours to graduate, so volunteering at the parks is a great way for students to get involved in the community and collect the hours they need to graduate. Adults may be looking for ways to get into the community, so this is a great opportunity for them as well. The new website is a fast and easy way for the Park District to keep track of their volunteers, and for the community members to become those volunteers.


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