March Madness 2015 Goes to Duke

By:Harmony Takhar

March Madness took place from March 17-April 6 2015. The winner this year was Duke. The prediction was that University of Kentucky was to win, as they were the champions last year and there team was stacked with phenomenal players. There was a suggested 49% chance for Kentucky to be the champs this year. Kentucky still managed to reach the final four, but lost to Wisconsin, and this created a very large disappointment for Kentucky fans across the country. Wisconsin was later defeated by Duke in the championship game.

Duke had a lead the majority of the game by about 2 pts, but in the second half, towards the last 5 minutes, Kentucky tied up and eventually took the lead. From there, it only went downhill for Kentucky, which even by sports commentators during the game had hypothesized to have won. Many students traveled far to see their college team win, and were quite relieved to see Duke succeed.

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