by Emily Engle

On March 30, Justin Bieber infamously delivered at the end of “The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber” a plea to the public to forgive his past transgressions because in the future, he would reform his behavior in an effort to respect and preserve his fan base.

But only two weeks later on Sunday, April 12, Bieber was escorted from the annual music festival Coachella for arguing, then fighting, with security there.  Allegedly, Bieber and his entourage had planned to watch artist Drake’s performance backstage from the artists’ entrance and to do so, they had both wristbands allowing their special admittance as well as a personal invitation from Drake himself.

However, when Bieber and his security arrived at the entrance, they were denied access because security said the area was at capacity and they could allow no one else to enter.  As an eyewitness told TMZ, Bieber grew frustrated as he repeatedly showed guards the wristbands and was still refused.  He insisted to the guards that he couldn’t, at their suggestion, join the regular crowd because he’d “be bombarded.”

The Coachella guards remained unrelenting until a different Coachella staffer suddenly appeared and agreed to escort the group inside.  As the staffer took Bieber by the arm to lead him inside, another Coachella security guard appeared unexpectedly from behind and placed Bieber in a chokehold, leading to a fight between the original guards and Bieber’s entourage.

The group was then asked to leave and did so voluntarily, but Bieber threatened to sue the Coachella guards and his entourage has still spoken of possible “legal action against them.”

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