How to Make Your House More a Home

By: Cayla Destefani

Everyone has a place they call home sweet home. But how does one make it seem the most warm and inviting that it can be? The three most influential factors in creating a mood and personality for your home are color, accessories, and lighting. Here are a few tips in those three areas to liven up all of the rooms to make a home more comfortable and happy. Remember that in your home, you make it what you want it to be with special decorations and your own personal flair!

Choose colors wisely 

The best way to induce a mood from a guest is with a little bit of color. According the *HGTV adding hues of orange and yellow can warm up a mood at a dining hall or living room. Blue-green is a color that promotes clarity of thought and belongs in a study. Adding little purple accessories to rooms can make them more playful and fun feeling, and red automatically promotes feelings of romance. Be careful with reds, though, because they can also encourage feelings of anger. They are best used sparingly but in meaningful ways. Orange is a care-free and relaxed color that is best used on porches and lounge areas. This is well paired with pink, the color of optimism. Also, *Better Homes and Gardens has some tips on how to use different color palettes to give rooms certain emotions. For example: blue, yellow, pink, and green bring light color and life into a room; cream, brown, and red, on the other hand, create “calming woods retreat” sort of moods; and melon, blue, and green create an exotic, global look in your home.

*More on HGTV color hues:

*More on Better Homes and Gardens:


From vases to rugs, teapots to a child’s artwork, home accessories are an excellent way to show off your personal style, as well as what is important to you and your family. A house, no matter how beautiful it is, will not be a home until it is decorated and furnished in a way that exemplifies your personal flair. One of the most simple decorations that has many practical uses is a houseplant. *How Stuff Works tells about the perks of having a houseplant in your home. Not only do they look good, but their natural converting of carbon dioxide into oxygen and neutralizing of chemicals makes people feel more creative, decrease stress, and increase mood. *Candles also provide excellent feelings of relaxation and romance. They can create a calm and peaceful mood, especially with soothing scents. Lamps are also a critical home accessory. Choose one that is colorful and has pizzazz. Also make sure to have one that will create the mood you are going for. Put bedroom lights on dimmers so they can have softer more romantic moods when you need them, but kitchen lights should always be bright and inviting.

*More on HowStuffWorks house plants:

*More on HowStuffWorks candles:

Let in the light  

Lighting is crucial for creating certain moods. Softer lights invoke feelings of calm, quiet, or romance. Bright lights lift spirits and bring joy into any room, and natural lighting is an excellent way to make a home look more spacious and welcoming. Light can be brought in many different ways including lamps, overhead lights, candles, chandeliers, and windows. Not only does the lighting affect the mood, but the style of the light can be a statement as well. A flashy, colorful lamp can be fun in a bright room, where an elegant chandelier would be very nice in a fancy dining room. Lots of large windows can be great resources as well. They let in the natural light and provide beautiful views if your home is in a scenic area. Windows also come in various shapes and sizes that can really give a house personality.

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