Bellbrook Prom 2015

By: Cayla Destefani

Bellbrook High School Prom 2015 is coming up! Starting May 2 at 8pm at the Kroc Center is a night of dreams for many high schoolers who will be attending Bellbrook’s prom themed “Cloud Nine.” Mrs. Potter, who is in charge of the prom committee this year, said, “The kids wanted something unique, and to not stick with the traditional themes of the past. They wanted a classy look, and the saying ‘on cloud nine’ brought the perfect blend of unique, classy, and dreamy.”

When signing up for prom, many students made a Prom Promise. The idea of this promise is that on prom night kids are promising to not drink and drive, do drugs, or text while driving. Mrs. Potter says that there are no direct consequences of breaking the prom promise, but so many unfortunate scenarios can arise in and outside of the dance, and those generally have bad enough consequences of their own.

As the coordinator of Prom 2015, Mrs. Potter’s main goals are, “for students to have a great time and stay safe. We’d like to set a classy tone for future years to come.”

And as far as keeping it classy is concerned, that includes the dancing. The same rules will be applied to Prom as were at Homecoming. This means that when students arrive they will all receive a wrist band. If a student is caught dancing inappropriately their wrist band will be removed as a warning. If that student is caught again they will be asked to leave the dance. Mrs. Potter hopes that the students will show class and appropriate behavior.


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