Oh the things to do with Peeps!


By Cayla Destefani

Spring is well on its way, and we all know that with Spring comes the traditional Easter treats! People who celebrate the holiday will be receiving baskets full of Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, egg-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups, and the most exciting of all, Peeps. These little marshmallow wonders are not only adorable but also completely delicious, and come with many uses. Whether it is simply eating the delicious chicks straight, or putting them in the microwave to fight to the death, let us explore the many different ways to enjoy our Easter treats!


  1. Make a peep and milk cocktail: Find a fancy glass, pour yourself some milk, and fancy it up with a peep!
  2. Create a festive and delicious chick nest. Make some rice krispie treats and fill them with jelly beans and peeps.
  3. Make some bunnies in a cup. Jell-o, Oreos, carrots, and peeps—what more is needed?
  4.  Have some peep kabobs. All you need for this is as much candy as you want and Peeps galore and some skewers!
  5.  Sweeten up your hot chocolate. I mean peeps ARE marshmallows.
  6. Play games with them. Who knew Peeps could play Chess?
  7. Make some decorations to hide around the house. Attach some googly eyes and surprise your friends with a little friend keeping them company.
  8. Toast them over a campfire. When the outside gets all melty and then caramelizes…perfection.
  9. Create some peep s’mores.
  10. Let the battle begin!!  Face them off, arm them with toothpicks, put them on a plate in the microwave, and then hit start. See which one stabs the other first, and we have a winner!

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