Ebola survivor sues hospital

By: Allison Petkoff

Nina Pham, one of the few diagnosed with Ebola in the US back in October 2014, made a statement on Monday, March 2 that she would sue the Texas hospital that she worked in and was treated at.  Pham’s lawyers said that they were accusing Texas Health Presbyterian of lying, using Pham, and not following protocol.

The major accusation that Pham and her lawyers are making against the institution is lying. Records show that on October 14, 2014, Pham was still in a “life threatening” condition according to her pulmonologist. She even considered “end of life” plans because the situation was still that serious. However, on that exact date, the hospital released a statement to the public that said that Pham was in “good condition” according to Yahoo News. Not only was this a lie according to medical records, but this was also against HIPPA. Pham had forbidden the hospital from stating her condition to the press. Pham’s lawyers say that the reason that the hospital used her was “to save its plummeting image.” After Thomas Duncan died from the virus, the hospital was accused of handling the situation wrong, so they wanted to show the public that things were okay.

Pham also claims that the hospital was not following protocol. Pham said that when she was a nurse treating Duncan, none of the nurses knew what they were doing. The hospital had no idea how to treat Ebola. Allegedly, nurses and managers were doing Internet searches to figure out how to treat the virus. However, as far as the public knew, the nurses were highly trained professionals who knew the Ebola protocol.