On Fleek: A How To

by Rachael Birri

  1. Wash your face, exfoliate, and moisturize.
  2. Apply your foundation (if any), before starting eyebrows.
  3. Brush the eyebrow hair straight up.  Trim particularly long eyebrow hairs.
  4. Pluck the strays. Do not drastically change the shape of the brow. If you can’t tweeze the hair without almost grabbing another, it’s not a stray. If you over pluck, there’s a possibility that the hair won’t come back and you may be stuck with thin or sparse eyebrows which are harder to fill in and shape. Small tweezers with an almost sharp tip work best. No need for brand name or light-up tweezers; drugstore is just fine.
    • Pluck every day. It becomes easier and less painful with time
    • The body of the brow should be uniform in height, arching slightly up. Then the brow should curve, not drop down to the peak. Don’t taper until the peak of the arch.
    • I prefer plucking to waxing because you have more control over the shape, but do whatever works for you.
  5. Using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel, draw a sharp line along the bottom of the body of the brow starting from the beginning of the brow to the peak, then lightly blend upward.
  6. Draw another line angled down with a slight curve.
  7. Use excess product on the brush and blend upward to the body of the brow, careful not to make it too thick.
  8. Fill out the tail of the brow curving the end and gradually thickening toward the center.
  9. Connect the tail to the body, defining the arch. Make sure to form a curve, not a point.
  10. Sharpen the top of the body of the brow. It should be more blended toward the top with a sharper line on the bottom.
  11. Add brow gel by brushing with light strokes to get any lighter hairs if needed.