Nat Geo Live returns to Dayton

By Anna Starkey

“The oceans desperately need our help,” explained National Geographic photojournalist, Brian Skerry, to a theater full of astonished onlookers.

For the fourth year in a row, National Geographic Live’s three-part series has returned to the Victoria Theater in Dayton, Ohio.  Each installment showcases our world through the eyes of experienced explorers and photographers who have been featured in National Geographic media.  In the past, audiences have been low in numbers, which inadvertently led to a more intimate environment.  However, last night’s show on February 1 drew in a record number of attendees, setting high expectations for the rest of the series.

The opener of this year’s series was underwater photographer Brian Skerry, who spoke about his experiences detailed in his newest book, Ocean Soul.  Skerry has worked for National Geographic for the past 18 years on a multitude of projects and features revolving around oceanic life.  With his photography, Skerry focuses on preserving the beauty of life underwater while also bringing attention to the ways in which humans have impacted their environment.  First, Skerry spoke with urgency, pleading that “the oceans desperately need our help.”  However, he ended on a positive note by detailing the success story of a coastal preserve in New Zealand, reassuring that he has “hope for the future of our oceans, as long as we work together to take action.”

The next speaker in the series will be wildlife filmmaker Bob Poole, on March 17.  Photojournalist Ami Vitale will then conclude the series on April 4 with a presentation about her “search for truth” in Africa.  Together, the three speakers will bring inspiration to the their Dayton audiences.

To purchase tickets to the remaining shows, please visit




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