Welcome to America!

by Lauren Guerrero

There are some new faces in the Bellbrook community! Students from Concepcion, Chile are here at Bellbrook High School for two weeks. They follow the schedule of the people who they are staying with, and it is an adjustment. “It’s fun here,” said Martin, one of the students who is visiting Bellbrook. “It’s more relaxed than our school.” Their school goes from 8am-4pm which is an hour longer than our school day.

The Republic of Chile stretches for 2,700 miles on the Pacific coast of South America.  Their official language is Spanish, though the students visiting here speak good English.  The capitol of Chile is Santiago, which is about 270 miles from Concepcion.  

There will be a performance on Tuesday, September 24 during mentor where the Chilean students will be doing presentations on their country and performing The Cueca national dance. The Cueca has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t declared the official dance of Chile until 1979. Students need a pass/ticket to go to the performance. Tickets are free from any of the Spanish classrooms.