Movie Review: “Carrie” What should we expect?

by Tori Smith

Many moviegoers are buzzing over the recent trailer release for the movie “Carrie.” The movie is scheduled to open in theatres on October 18. “Carrie” is based off of the New York Times bestselling author Stephen King’s first published novel “Carrie.” Published in 1974, the first printing had 30,000 copies, all of which had sold quickly. The role of Carrie White is played by award-winning actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. Moretz has won many awards for roles in the movies “Kick Ass” and “Dark Shadows.” Her mother is played by Julianne Moore, who herself has also won many awards.Carrie

With the high standards the first “Carrie” movie had set, how is the 2013 adaptation going to compare? What should we expect from the new release? First of all, to those of you under the age of 17, it’s rated “R,” so you will need a parent with you to see the movie! The “R” rating comes from the immense amount of blood used in the film. Director Kimberly Peirce stated that upwards of 400 gallons of fake blood were used, just for the iconic prom scene alone. Along with the “R” rating many people will assume nudity is in the movie; however, Pierce said it will not be a huge thing in this movie, “There’s not as much nudity as the original, and nudity just means something so different now than it did in 1976. I’m finding now that more and more nudity is so rarely important to the story in any film.” They also plan to bring the movie into the 21st century by adding internet and cellphones. They plan to add elements of cyberbullying. “All we really did was try to lay in elements of Facebook and Internet bullying,” explained Assistant Director Misher, “But it didn’t become something that took over the story. We stayed very true to the Stephen King of it all, but in this day and age, somebody’s going to text somebody else.” Other than these few modern elements they plan to stick to the book, even changing the name of the High School Carrie attends back from Bates (De Palma 1976), to Ewen as it was in the book.

There have been two official adaptations from the novel for the silver screen. The first was released in 1976. The film was directed by Brian De Palma. It was a hit from opening day, grossing $33,800,000 in its entire time in theaters, which in today’s money equals out to $139,829,077. The movie takes place in Chamberlain, Maine, a small, sleepy town where Carrie (Sissy Spacek in the De Palma film) and her deeply religious mother live. There is always that one family that lives in the “creepiest” house in town, and for Chamberlain that family is Carrie and her mother. Carrie has been the subject of teasing her entire life, but upon a particularly bad prank in the girls’ locker room, Carrie discovers she has telekinetic powers. She develops these powers over the course of a few weeks. On Prom night, the beginning of the end starts with gore galore, eventually ending in a town massacre.

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