Album Review: Pure Heroine

by Emily Caruso

New Zealand singer/song writer, Lorde, continues to climb to the top of the billboard with her first album Pure Heroine following her EP released in 2012, The Love Club. Her birth name being Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, Lorde’s voice is powerful and moving for that of a sixteen year old in Pure Heroine and is being compared to Lana Del Ray.

Listeners can really tell that music is this girl’s passion, as she puts her heart and soul into it, making it feel that her songs are for her, by her, and about her life, not just some bubble gum pop that a record label forced onto her in the recording studio.  Senior at Bellbrook High School and Lorde enthusiast Taylor Hickey commented “[The songs] were catchy, the tune just got me going!” Lorde is not the kind of singer who got discovered because she was a child star or because she was a child actress on the Disney channel who decided to take a singing lesson.  “I discovered Lorde through iTunes top charts,” says Hickey. Lorde is an artist.  And to earn the status of an artist at sixteen years old and to have not had much experience prior to their first album is a difficult task to achieve, but somehow Lorde has managed to do so.

“She does not sound sixteen,” says senior Eileen Robertson. “I feel a little pathetic, like you already have millions of dollars and a record deal and what do I have?”

Being only sixteen, Lorde connects with my generation in particular. No, she’s not another Taylor Swift. Believe it or not she sings about real things. She sings about growing up in a small town and wanting to break free from it and feeling invincible.

So if you’re looking for something genuine, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Pure Heroine.


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