The Race is half the battle

by Adele Hardwick

Bellbrook Cross Country team had a meet on a Tuesday night so the coaches and the captains explained why staying hydrated is so important to having a successful race. Brad Miller, a Co- Captain explains, ”Staying hydrated is key because the water aids your muscles. When a runner is dehydrated they will get tired as well as have headaches so their running will have a negative impact.”

These types of events are under a lot of pressure for the athletes to succeed; on the other hand, the environment must be safe to compete. The entire competition comes down to the preparation. Each runner should be sure to stay hydrated and complete warmed up for every event.

Hydration is important for every runner to be safe and prepared for their meet one of the team captains, Taylor Hickey, says, “It’s important to stay hydrated during the week to help our muscles stay loose during our meets.”


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