Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence

by Adele Hardwick Lana Del Rey’s newest album, Ultraviolence, was released at her performance at Coachella. Ultraviolence went public on April 14, 2014. The cover song is called “West Coast” and was written with Rick Nowels. The production was covered by Dan Auerbach who is the lead singer of the Black Keys. Del Rey will finally be coming to the United States this June to tour her previous … Continue reading Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence

Book Review: The Glass Castle

by Adele Hardwick Jeannette Walls’s mind was filled with the illusion of grandeur when her father, Rex, an innovative and mathematical man promised to make a spectacular home, The Glass Castle, that was just their own. This is an unrealistic dream for her family since they were practically nomads fighting oppression on a daily basis. Jeanette had to handle more than the average ten-year-old: starvation, … Continue reading Book Review: The Glass Castle

BHS chess club wins first tournament

by Adele Hardwick The Bellbrook High School Chess Club won the first place trophy at the Greater Miami Valley Chess League. The Bellbrook chess team consists of senior Vincent Tong, freshman Nathan Tong, seniors Adam Siens, Brian Siens, Dean Capozzi and Joseph Zoller. The event that was held had four teams that competed: The Miami Valley School, Troy Christian, Fairmont and Bellbrook. The tournament has five game boards … Continue reading BHS chess club wins first tournament

BHS Wears Hats to Support Sigman Family

by Adele Hardwick Bellbrook’s Partnerships for Success (PfS) students made a benefit of Hat Day for Payne Sigman’s family on Tuesday, March 18. Each student in the Bellbrook High School that wore a hat during this day gave a dollar donation. The PfS organization have a limitless goal, since every donation will help this family, but have raised $174.73 to date. Mr. Parks’s class raised … Continue reading BHS Wears Hats to Support Sigman Family

Bellbrook Girl Scouts Begin Gold Award Projects

by Adele Hardwick A Bellbrook troop of Girl Scouts, Bridget Richard, Kate Havlicek, Emily Horne, Kate Barton, and Kristen Cross, are in the constructive phase of their Gold Award to reach their next rank of Ambassadors. Each scout must identify a problem in her community that she wishes to fix then create a plan to develop the issue. Havlicek realizes the influence that music has upon young … Continue reading Bellbrook Girl Scouts Begin Gold Award Projects

Deck the halls

by Adele Hardwick This year at Bellbrook the student government has created a competition of decorating the doorway of each mentor. This creates a positive atmosphere for exam week as well as gets the mentors involved by seeing which room can make the best Holiday Film-themed decorations. Many students have gotten creative by thinking out of the box with their decorations. Some of the students … Continue reading Deck the halls

Finding your Voice

by Adele Hardwick The Voice gives people the opportunity to perform and improve their vocals. Bellbrook students should consider participation in The Voice because it gives them a chance to be publicized. Mrs. Siler, our schools vocal teacher, says, “A student should practice regular vocal coaching with someone well versed in the pop genre.” This show brings in singers that have real talent to perform … Continue reading Finding your Voice

Bellbrook Team dives into successful season

by Adele Hardwick Bellbrook Swim Team season is starting up this winter and the swimmers are encouraging avid swimmers to be a part of this team. The sign up meetings have begun recently. The swimmers have high hopes for this season, since their past seasons have been very productive. Senior Eileen Robertson, officially taking the role of Varsity Captain for Bellbrook Swim Team, has high … Continue reading Bellbrook Team dives into successful season

Adrian Peterson has dedication through tough times

by Adele Hardwick Adrian Peterson’s two year old son, Tyrese Robert Ruffin, passed away in the hospital on October 9 from an assault. Peterson found out what happened before a game, but he continued to play for the Vikings against the Carolina Panthers. Peterson had just discovered that he actually had a son two months before his death. The mother contacted him, asking for financial aid for … Continue reading Adrian Peterson has dedication through tough times