BHS chess club wins first tournament

by Adele Hardwick

The Bellbrook High School Chess Club won the first place trophy at the Greater Miami Valley Chess League. The Bellbrook chess team consists of senior Vincent Tong, freshman Nathan Tong, seniors Adam Siens, Brian Siens, Dean Capozzi and Joseph Zoller. The event that was held had four teams that competed: The Miami Valley School, Troy Christian, Fairmont and Bellbrook.

The tournament has five game boards that start with best player at number one. Tong took the first seat at the competition. Each game lasted sixty minutes. The entire competition lasted for approximately 9 hours. The Bellbrook team trains on Friday afternoons with their coach, Carl Bohr. Bohr was a state champion in chess, so he has previous knowledge to help his players with the strategy of the game.
Tong and Zoller discussed their triumph at this tournament. Tong said, “I enjoy the strategy behind chess.” Zoller’s opinion of the game is different, since he stated, “Chess is a competitive activity without having to be athletic.” Both Zoller and Tong plan to continue playing at a competitive level in college.

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