The Killer Krokodil

by Kate Barton

Krokodil is a heroin- like drug that is cheaper, more addictive, and more harmful than heroin. It has been around in Russia but is just now surfacing in the United States. The first cases ever filed in the U.S were in the last month.  Krokodil can easily be made at home, which is one of the reasons it is such a huge threat.

Krokodil is said to “devour flesh from the inside out” according to an ABC news article. It is called Krokodil because it causes the users skin to turn green and scaly. Krokodil is made from everyday materials like gasoline and codeine. Bellbrook High School sophmore Rachel Heinz  says, “I’m worried about how easy it is to make.” Cases are beginning to surface in places like Oklahoma, New York City, and other places like Midwest suburbs. Krokodil is being sold as cocaine to make a greater profit, the buyers not aware that what they’re taking will kill them usually within two years.

Students at Bellbrook High School should be very cautious as to what they’re putting in their bodies. Ohio is the “crossroads of America” according to Bellbrook High School Teacher Mrs. Hasler and “the drug may begin surfacing around here.”


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