A Quick Look at A Moon Shaped Pool

By Katherine Barton Radiohead released their newest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in the last week and it quickly became a top-selling album. The band again has shown their ability to create music that represents happiness, emptiness, and disconnect. The album includes the songs “Burn the Witch,” “Daydreaming,” “Decks Dark,” “Desert Island Disc,” “Full Stop,” “Glass Eyes,” “Identikit,” “The Numbers,” “Present Tense,” “Tinker Tailor Soldier … Continue reading A Quick Look at A Moon Shaped Pool

The Basics: Surrealism

By Katherine Barton Surrealism is an avant-garde movement focusing on the potential of the unconscious mind. Many surrealist artworks break the barrier between dreams and reality. Sigmund Freud is called the father of psychoanalysis. He wrote The Interpretation of Dreams which analyzed the meaning of dreams and the unconscious mind. His works provided a basis for surrealism and was invaluable in the development of surrealism. … Continue reading The Basics: Surrealism

You should know about: Andy Warhol

By Katherine Barton Andrew Warhola was born in 1928 in Pennsylvania. He created some of the most recognizable and influential pop art during the 1960s. Pop art is when artists draw from advertising, celebrities, and popular culture in general. Andy Warhol used many types of media to create art; he was one of the first to create computer-generated art. He has also written many books … Continue reading You should know about: Andy Warhol


By Katherine Barton Radiohead began in 1985, producing rock music in England. They have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and accrued 70 nominations and 18 awards including 3 Grammy Awards and an MTV Video Music Award. The members are Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Phil Selway, and Ed O’Brien. Their debut album “Pablo Honey” became a hit, especially with the single “Creep” … Continue reading Radiohead

Knitting Nowadays

By Katherine Barton Knitting. The first image that comes to mind involves a grandmother and a large time commitment, making it unattractive to many. However, knitting definitely does not have to be boring and can be completed while doing other things. In fact, many different people from all ages take part in this creative activity and there are various communities for knitters to learn and … Continue reading Knitting Nowadays

Yoga for the Mind

By Kate Barton Doodling is not a new phenomenon, but the art of Zentangle is new to many people and is quickly picking up in popularity. Zentangle is a type of “adult coloring book.” Zentangle is supposed to be a way to relax and/or concentrate on a task. The “Zen” portion of the name is supposed to mean meditation, and “tangle” is the type of doodling used. … Continue reading Yoga for the Mind

Obama’s Address on Terrorism

By Kate Barton Obama addressed the nation on Sunday, December 6, on the issue of terrorism. This brief came right after the shootings in San Bernardino earlier in the week, which followed the massacres in Paris. Obama inspires American nationalism before he details his plan: “The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. We will destroy ISIL and any other organization that … Continue reading Obama’s Address on Terrorism