Yoga for the Mind

By Kate Barton

Doodling is not a new phenomenon, but the art of Zentangle is new to many people and is quickly picking up in popularity. Zentangle is a type of “adult coloring book.”

Zentangle is supposed to be a way to relax and/or concentrate on a task. The “Zen” portion of the name is supposed to mean meditation, and “tangle” is the type of doodling used. Bellbrook High School Senior Anna Starkey, who is planning to study art in college, says that, “Zentangle is like yoga for the mind.”

Zentangle has been used as a therapy for those who have suffered from traumatic events to express their feelings in a different medium. It is also supposed to improve concentration so doodling in class may be beneficial. Adult Coloring books can be black and white or color. I recommend Micron markers with their different size tips because they are great for black and white coloring or outlining. Felt tip markers or colored pencils serve well for colored doodles.

Personally, I purchased a zentangle book to learn some basic doodles, and then I obtained more open adult coloring books where there is more of a blank page that to fill in yourself  rather than just coloring between the lines or learning different techniques. 

I find zentangle to be very relaxing and has boosted my creativity not just in drawing but also in other hobbies. Above are some of the zentangles I have done.

Zentangle and other adult coloring books can be purchased at stores such as Wal-Mart, Books and Company, and Amazone. They are great gifts, and a great personal pastime.


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